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Apr 29, 2010
Virginia Beach, VA
While on wikipedia today i discovered that the old Busch Gardens in California was the site of at least three movies filmed after it was closed. They include Frankenstein, Gone with The Wind and The Adventures of Robin Hood. Does anyone know of anything else being filmed in any Busch Parks?
Nothing nation-wide besides the Pepsi commercial. But that could all change with SWP&E expanding into the media world (movies and TV shows)
This isn't really a movie or filmed at BGW, but this is kinda BGW related:

I saw in an episode of That '70s Show someone wearing a 1970's t-shirt with BGW's "The Old Country" logo. I was kinda surprised to see it.
If we're doing pop culture references; The Old Country was mentioned in the Jurassic Park novel. The character played by Samuel L. Jackson in the movie was an Engineer who specialized in starting up theme parks.
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The Simpsons universe has "Duff Gardens". It's really a direct parody of Disney World but beer themed. The name and the fact that it's ran by a beer company are shout-outs to BGW and BGT.
I've never seen either Busch park used in any movies. It was easy for them to film in California because of the proximity to Hollywood and access to all the filming equipment and resources.

I think another reason you haven't seen a movie filmed at BGW is because usually when film makers need to shoot a scene in amusement park they need something generic to use. The perfect place for that would be a Six Flags or Cedar Fair park and these two companies have been used in movies before (Magic Mountain, Great America, Kings Dominion, Dorney, Knotts Berry Farm). These parks have minimal theming. BGW, on the other hand, has too much theming.

It would be nice if they did film a movie at BGW. That would be awesome to see!
^The only footage LNM had in Brainstorm was a couple of seconds of POV front seat view. There was no on-site filming inside the park.
Unagi you forgot about Great Adventure. Scream Machine was featured in I think three movies by itself.
Six Flags over Texas was featured in a Spy Kids movie (but it was so severely edited and shopped it's really hard to tell outside of the skyline).

The King of Queens was at a theme park in one of their episodes (I believe SFMM but not entirely sure).

Also reference "Rollercoaster" there's quite a few parks featured and you'd be surprised how much has changed in them since the 70's.
I was watching "Dance Flick" a parody movie and there is a part where the dance instructor tells one of the girls, "What do you think this is, Busch Gardens? Shave it!"

Major shout out to BGW for its awesome landscaping.
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Very cool..... didn't know a lot of those! And I agree the landscaping at BGW is far beyond any other park. I find myself in awe everytime I walk through the Formal Gardens in Italy.
Again, to reiterate what I said earlier in this thread, POV footage of Nessie was used in the movie Brainstorm. You can see it in the video below (footage should begin at the 23:07 mark). Also, the wood coaster following it is the original Mr. Twister at Elitch Gardens in Denver.

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