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Nov 22, 2009
If you are really into kings dominion and have netflix check out the movie Rollercoaster (1977)on watch it now. A large porition of this movie was shot at kings dominion back in 1976-77 time frame and has shots of verious rides including the rebel yell, sky lift and the singing mushrooms.

The plot is about a guile young terrorist who is able to blackmail a series of companies by placing home-made radio controlled bombs within the central attraction of amusement parks; roller coasters. The young man played by Timothy Bottoms gives a hard time to the cops after they give him UV marked money. He then wants revenge and places a bomb in a roller coaster at the most important amusement park event of the year.

The roller coaster featured in the main climax of the movie is the Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA. It opened in 1976 and was the first roller coaster to feature a complete 360-degree vertical loop.


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I have actually seen this movie. It used to come on tv a couple months a few years back. George Segal riding Rebel Yell whilst on the lookout for bombs/terrorists is all time.
Scoutn757 said:
You forgot to include OceanView Amusement Park

Haha. We all know how that park ended it's life.

Chris said:
George Segal riding Rebel Yell whilst on the lookout for bombs/terrorists is all time.

"Hey, I bet ya a million dollars we beat ya, mister" ;)

It's funny that I watched this movie the first time in a few years two days ago then find this thread. It's really cool seeing how much Kings Dominion has changed since then.
There's also another movie called Roller Coaster out there.. I want to say it's a 90's or 00's movie. I watched it at my friends house.. and I must say.. While I really liked some parts of the movie, it's a very dark, depressing movie about teens.

My Dad remembers Rockit at OVAP. He talks about it all the time.. how people gave it a bad rap for it being unsafe, but he said it was very safe. I wonder if Kings Dominion really wanted people to look for bombs while riding Rebel Yell (because that's what I'd do).
I watched this the night before going to Six Flags Great Adventure back in '77 and my parents thought I was nuts for watching considering where I was going!
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