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So I have heard rumors that the stage is being cleared out and foundation have been spotted on the premise RIP pet shenanigans

Foundations can't exist without permits and no permits have been filed for the site.

I'd love to see Zoo come up with a small show or presentation to put on in this theater, but anyone hoping for more substantial development anytime soon is likely to be very disappointed. Everything I've heard says the next three notable development sites have already been identified and Shenanigans isn't among them.
I wonder if any work seen is just renovation that doesn't require permits, if that's possible?

Thinking the foundations visible may have been existing.
I saw very little noticeable work and the description of the building's post covid condition from a credible source is one that leads me to believe that any project on the site would require significant amount of work and permits.
It appears that there has been no work other then use as storage at the stage area as seen from over the fence by the path.


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We are hearing rumors of bgw incorporating this stage for their new summer event in 2024. I don't expect to see the same show returning but to see it going to waste has been really depressing. We'd gladly love to see this converted to a stage for the animal caregivers to use for showcasing their birds and other animals they have in their care.
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