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Wow! Really? No replies on this thread? OK then. Here we go!

This is a fun show to see with the kids. It is funny and engaging with a lot of variety. My daughter loves it tremendously. Her favorite moment is when the dog steals the big sandwich. Me, I like to see the one cat pull himself underneath a rope across the stage, and another one bouncing along every post in front of the crowd. If you are a paying "special guest" you get to sit in the reserved seats up front and that child (yes it has to be a child) will get to go onstage and present a math problem to "Stevie" the parrot. The answer has to be between 1 and 10. The child is then awarded a cute stuffed bird to take home.

TIP: save your money and just show up early for a performance and sit up front in the middle. There is a good chance that no one payed for reserve seats and they will then choose a child from the crowd about 5-10 minutes before the show starts. Every time I have seen this show and then this happens, it has always been a kid in that area.

**spoiler alert**

I have often wondered how "Stevie" the Parrot is able to correctly choose the numbers to the math problems every single time. Anyone else? Well one day, I saw it!

Yes! The trick to the secret of the universe was revealed to me. While sitting up front, just right of the center, I saw a red flash, for a blink of the eye, on the right side of the cards edge. I said to myself, that was a laser light! I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, but I saw lots of spots that would provide great cover and shield the audience from seeing the origin or red dot.
I decided to see the show again and sat in the same spot (my daughter got tapped to go on stage with Stevie this time). I waited and waited. Keeping my eye out for any suspicious activity. Then it was time for parrot math. My eyes scanned all of the spots that I thought were good hiding spots...and I saw it AGAIN!! This time, I saw the actual origin of the laser and a dark hand moving it in circles. Stevie was having trouble seeing the red dot I guess, and they have to be more exaggerated with the laser to fix that. Parrots are really smart birds, though not mathematicians.

Yes folks! That is how it's done.
(Don't click on the Thumbnail unless you really want to see it)


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While that /might/ be the case (I still maintain that he can really do it), there are tons of examples of animals being able to do math. Birds can be trained to solve math questions, as well as octopi and cuttlefish.
I love this show. I think it is a very entertaining show that is fun for the whole family. My favorite part is at the very end when the pig has is butt out of the dog house and a sign falls that says, "The end." SO CUTE!
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PzP said:
While that /might/ be the case (I still maintain that he can really do it), there are tons of examples of animals being able to do math. Birds can be trained to solve math questions, as well as octopi and cuttlefish.
You know, maybe you are correct. Perhaps the "magic" is when he has trouble. I guess only the trainers know for sure.

And I have no doubt about animal intelligence. I particularly like the abilities of the octopus. They can navigate in amazing ways underwater, solve problems, open jars, and use objects as a house that they drag around as well as many other things. Maybe when it is time to refresh this show it will be called "Invertebrate Shenanigans!"
This show is as enjoyable as ever. Full crowd on a COLD, windy Thursday! :shocked:

There are a lot of new critters starring in it this season. Some are still working out the kinks in their performances. Poor little kitties.

Good news!! Stevie the parrot was in the show today. We were concerned about him because he was missing from the act last weekend, and others reported the same on other days. After talking to a couple of the trainers there, I found out that Stevie doesn't perform if it is too cold. They didn't provide an exact temperature, but today was in the high 40's to low 50's, depending on the clouds. Also, apparently Stevie is 54 years old (or 55, we thought we heard two different ages). If Stevie doesn't perform, there is no point in paying to be a "special guest" to go onstage and win a stuffed bird.

Last thing: this show is more enjoyable then Entwined v3.
Ummmmm..... Has it come to anybody's mind that this might be the show getting replaced in 2015. I know a lot of you think that it is going to be either Celtic Fyre or Mix It Up, but this still counts as a major show. It's also the oldest show in the park other than TIO. And since Celtic Fyre is probably the most watched show in the park I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon. So I think that the new show in 2015 will be the replacement for either Mix It Up or this show, because Celtic Fyre in my opinion should stay as long as it is still very popular.
This show will stay here and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They may make small adjustments to it, but honestly it is going to stay. This show plays a big part in showing off their rescued animals doing basic tricks and advertising for people to go out and get an animal from the shelter.

Either Celtic Fyre or Mix It Up is going.
Just saw this show the other day. guys never told me it was Ireland-themed (to an extent)! Seriously, though, the show was great, better than I remembered it from many years ago. I really liked how it was kind of tied into Killarney, though (Killarney Kafe, and a few other Irish references, including Irish music). I've noticed the Wild Reserve was kind of part of Ireland (dividing into the festival portion, Killarney), but never really thought of them as one until the show. Great enthusiasm, tricks, and theming! Stevie the Parrot was awesome :cool: .

Also, Fun Fact: When looking at an old park map and some old footage of the park, I discovered that this theater was here since early Hastings with a bird-themed show (with people dressed up as birds). It was called the "Feathered Follies Theatre" or something along those lines. I found that interesting that the theater was there so long. I honestly had no idea, but I'm sure you guys already knew that...
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Saw this for the first time on Saturday. They said Stevie was 55 for sure. VERY good show to take the kids (Or kids at heart) to. We had a blast, and every seat was full, from what I could see. Love the message of the show, to go to an animal shelter for your pets.
Yesterday I watched Pet Shenanigans. It is very interesting to see how the newly adopted animals adapt to their new environment. However, I think I saw one of the funniest "mishaps" yesterday. It happened towards the end of the show, when the animals "pull off a few tricks all by themselves".

Two errors happened at that moment. First, a cat fell off the perch that she jumped onto because it was crooked. Also, the bull dog was off queue. The dog crashed through the brick wall like it was supposed to, but it did so while the cat was jumping onto the perch and fell off. Then the cat started running very fast, because it thought the dog was chasing after it. Not only did it run through the wrong door- it also ran under the fence behind the theater.

The music kept going, but nothing happened on stage. Suddenly, a trainer came out and said that they were having "technical difficulties with trainer ques" and were making sure that all of the animals were safe. After about 30 seconds of the music continuing to play, a dog came out and they continued to show as usual. It was both funny and pitiful at the same time.
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I donated some of my cat's (Molly) toys to the kitties there....And they love them. Especially...the Pirate ship Molly didn't like.

chickenking said:

And no, the math problem did not equal "12". :shocked:
Apparently they use a laser to cue the bird which cards to knock over. I just figured the bird was super smart.
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