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Jun 5, 2014
So, after going again this weekend to visit BGW, I really took inventory of the available landspace around the park. One thing about BGW, is how pretty it is, and the landscaping. With large loose a lot of trees...and those green friends, are one of the parks, biggest appeals to visitor. I looked at areas around the park, that had land already clear, or, could be developed with minimal tree loss.

I looked at the area, where the new 2015 coaster is going...and all I can say is going to be a tight squeeze! Festa already had a funny layout to me, and along with New France...doesn't really flow well with the other hamlets...but, that is my opinion. Anyways, moving on.

There seems to be area between Verbolten's inside building, and the old station house for Drachen Fire...could a roller coaster be put back into this space?

Also, I noticed a large tract of land that is behind San Marco, and Festa...but, isn't that extra stable area and grazing? However, a coaster could be placed behind the San Marco theatre, and extending the walkway to go around the backside of the theatre after crossing the bridge from Oktoberfest/Germany....but, a coaster would probably break the idyllic nature of San Marco and be noisy next to the theatre.

There also seems to be a large area between San Marco/Loch Ness Monster's cave/Pompeii...but, looking at it on Google Maps...that would be a lot of developing and trees gone.

Killarney could have benefitted from having a ride, and the new coaster...would have been awesome, if placed in Castle O'Sullivan..indoor/outdoor coaster...still think that this could be possible...BGW, could take note at how Kings Dominion has Flight of Fear.

There really seem to be no "stepping stone" coasters at BGW..something more exciting than Grover..yet more tame than any of the 5..

Also...what about names and theming for more coasters...I like the "monster/mythology" theme that BGW incorporates into the coasters. Ireland- Banshee (but I think that has already been taken), Italy-Badalisc, Manticore, Pegasus, Germany-Phoenix, Nachtvogel(Raven-"Night Bird")

what are some of your thoughts?
cb0355 said:
With large loose a lot of trees...and those green friends, are one of the parks, biggest appeals to visitor.
That sticks out as the biggest obstical to me. However, beauty is essential to the park.

cb0355 said:
Killarney could have benefitted from having a ride, and the new coaster...would have been awesome, if placed in Castle O'Sullivan..
Aaand you lost me there.;)

"Destroyin' the castle means destroyin' the portal. And destroyin' the portal could release...The Netherworld.."o_O
Seems to me that Germany could use two things: A coaster where Drachen Fire used to be, and a train station right near it in with a similar theme. I agree that BGW could use an all, or nearly all inclosed ride, but I would want one with a drop, a serious drop.
The other attractive piece for the old DF location, is that presumably the old infrastructure is still there!
Another place is in the woods behind roman rapids. Yes, trees would be removed, but it wouldn't be as cramped. I hope that in the future they develop on the peninsula across the Rhine from festa. AC is on the uppermost part of the peninsula. It is a large piece of land that can hold a TON more attractions. Sadly, that would also result in a ton of tree loss, but maybe that wold be for the better!
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Well, if you guys get a chance..pull up the aerial map that is available on is not a recent map, due to the fact that it does not have Verbolten...but, other than that...I imagine that the layout of the park is the same. Looking at it, as we speak...I did not realize that AC really takes up a huge amount of does Roman Rapids. BTW...I know the the area South (as shown on the map) of Festa and east of San Marco (behind DaVinci's Garden and San Marco theatre) is used for stables and grazing...does anyone know how many animals are kept there? and is it even feasible to develop this area as expansion? It is a pretty important area for the animals, I am guessing( sorry I do not know a thing about livestock!!). The only problem I see with expanding the area east past Roman Rapids is....Roman Rapids..if you place a ride on the other side of would have to create some sort of walkway that passes over both channels of Roman Rapids. I personally, would have liked to see them put the new coaster where Elephants Run is and that stupid game beside it, and move Elephants Run over at Spashimus Maximus; or remove Turkish Delite ( *cough* relocate it to France and call it Cafe Au Lait). I would love for that to be in Englad..."English Tea"...but, there is not much area to put it, unless, there was some way to put it behind Union Snacks. After looking at Killarney on the map..I did not realize that..there is ( what appears to be) a storage building? beside Castle OSullivan? Although, something could go in there..does anyone remember when the Catapault was located there? Also, I agree that there should be a train station in Oktoberfest. There seems to be plenty of room in Drachen Fire's old footprint to put another coaster out there, with area to extend from where Festhaus Park is..too the Rhine.
Beside Castle O Sullivan is both theaters for Europe in the Air.

Also, there is tons of space for a coaster where Drachen Fire was considering the entire area has remained unused by a permanent attraction for years.
You could almost say that some parts of the park, especially Ireland have their own form of the tele-door system. Some of the backstage areas in Ireland are so big that it would be easily possible for performers to get through Ireland without being seen. Also, while I think it's obvious why I don't want a ride in Castle O'Sullivan itself, the building is way more versatile than it looks. After all, they did manage to convert a rather simple, small building into one of the most elaborate theaters in the park. For that reason, I don't doubt the parks ability to do anything they want to with that area as long as they have money and any of the same creativity they had years ago.
The Colonial Pipeline goes through the middle of the park from First Aid, under LNM, under the wine stomping area, across from Festa Train station and across the Rhine under the berm where the critters stay behind Roman Rapids. This limits some of the construction possibilities.
I don't know anything too detailed, but if you look in that huge ravine behind the armillary sundial, you can see several construction warning signs. I always thought those pipes were for Escape From Pompeii. That really is a shame, because I always thought it would be interesting if the park could expand Escape From Pompeii into that area, adding a water coaster element. Perhaps they could get Mack to retro-fit an Intamin?
Well, if you take the rhine river cruise, you pass by several clues that there was once construction plans to expand further, such as parallel areas of no trees that could easilly be used as the start and finish of a bridge, as well as a small cove that could fit another boating dock to use the cruise as an actual mode of transportation, creating an otherwise underused ride into a busier more utilized mode of transport. The problem lies that the land they would use is now an eagle nesting ground, which they cannot/will not use for that reason. Also, the fact that several other animal species live there making it a special habitat. If they could find a way around this, that area of land would allow busch to create several more lands and pretty much double the park size, and even allowing for a resort hotel or other developments (soundstages for shows.mazes,indoor rides,etc. or new countries)
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That narrow area of missing trees was for a power line at one point, or some other utility and has nothing to do with previous plans.
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If you look at Google earth you can see where the path is. Between old monorail maint. and admin bldg, toward first aid. Down hill next to train tracks, back up next to lnm train crossing. The lnm track is cantilevered over right of way adjacent to mountain. Different type of ride supports. Back up the hill and under the Italy service gate. The tree clearance is very clear on the satellite picture. Then off to Grove.
Fuel oil, gasoline, a variety of products, they place a "pig" between products to keep them separate and to keep product moving. It was there when the park was built. In the early '80's they had to replace about 300' of it along the employee entry road adjacent to the royal palace theater.All employees that dig are well aware of the location and no trees are allowed to be planted or grow in the right of way. The pipeline people fly the route to check for any excavation being done anywhere in the envelope and they will be on scene to ok or turn down such activities. There have been times when a backhoe was just parked on the right of way for lunch etc and the park was called to move it.
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