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Apr 29, 2011
It was called the “Bad Apple” its first two years but park officials renamed it the Monster more to reflect its original manufacturer than a piece of spoiled fruit on its famed “Candy Apple Grove” midway.

Um, yeah. I and everyone else never stopped calling it the Bad Apple, even after they changed the name. :p


Getting aHEAD of myself
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Feb 12, 2011
Can’t wait to see those cars as a new Winterfest decoration! :p
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Nov 1, 2012
Keep in mind that KD's original Monster ride is long gone. The Monster cars in the graveyard are the ride parts from Geauga Lake. KD received that ride along with Americana and El Dorado.

KD determined that Geauga Lake's version of the Monster was in such bad shape that they abandoned any hope of restoring it and adding it back to KD's flat ride lineup.
Nov 1, 2012
@mwhinva I believe you are mistaken. The Black Squid that came from Geauga lake is still in a shipping container. The gondalas sitting in the graveyard are from Kings Dominions original Bad Apple.
I find it strange that the monster, removed in the mid-late 80's during the KECO years, is still at KD. When all the other flat rides, that were removed during that time period, have vanished from the park.

It would be nice to create a list of all the rides/attractions that are no longer operating at the park and what happened to them (sold to another entity; scrapped; kept for spare parts; in storage (in park or outside the park); ride vehicles repurposed; I guess this needs its own forum topic.
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