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Sep 23, 2009
A thread for the 3rd iteration of Monster Stomp coming to The Globe Theatre for Howl-O-Scream 2014.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg said:
Monster Stomp returns, this time on Ripper Row. This modern rock and rhythm spectacular features Jack the Ripper like you’ve never seen him before. The beat is back as electrifying percussion, dynamic dance, and sensational singing return to the stage in a pulse pounding revue that is darkly entertaining.
In keeping with tradition;"None of us have even seen the show yet but this is going to be horrible!"/end sarcasm. I am seriously looking forward to the show. From what I hear so far, about the people that are involved with the show, I think we really have a chance for a great show. I am excited to see how they use the projection mapping technology. In some ways, I wish that there was an easier way to find out who is involved with each of these productions. With the way the park is marketing this as a "darker than ever" production, they better not have too many cheesy side plots.
It's funny, I've heard people review LR and say, "LR is amazing the 4D effects are so cool!" And not say anything else about it, but that's beyond the fact. Just Don't bring those things to Monster Stomp, they are the most dreadful things. I shouldn't have to brace myself for an effect in a show.
Considering that this is the third incarnation of the show, and the show has never had the ability or necessity for the effects before. I don't want them to start now.

This is a live show, not a 3D movie. The show should be strong enough on it's own to survive without the effects. And I don't want them to decide to use the effects just because they can.
I honestly see no problem using the effects. It helps to bring guests more into the show, regardless of what type of show you are putting on. I always find it to be interesting to see or hear people's reaction to their first time experiencing the effects.

I definitely think the in-seat speakers will be used in scenes to promote an eerie vibe. Vibrations could be used to startle guests throughout the show, same for the air blasts.

However, I'd only use it if they fit into the show properly and aren't just some random effect.
"It helps to bring guests more into the show, regardless of what type of show you are putting on." I'm calling BS.

Except nowhere does it say that the show (Using London Rocks as the example) uses these effect, so if you're going into the show for the first time, you're literally not gonna know that these effects even exist. So how the hell is it gonna bring in MORE PEOPLE, if it doesn't tell you that there are vibrating seats or puffs of air. It says "Multi-media" Which I'm assuming Monster Stomp will also use these multi-media effect. Multi-media means the projectors and the screens as well as the live action performance. Not "Lol we're gonna vibrate their chairs, for no reason other than we can."

I expect these effects when going into a 4D show. I do not want them when I go to see live performers. The show should not scare you. These shows are never meant to be scary. They aren't supposed to make you cringe. These aren't the houses or the terror-tories. It's a 20 minute show, with a Halloween theme. Nothing more.
They do tell you effects may be used, these are posted underneath the showtimes in very small fine print, and on signs posted as the entrance of each door going into the audience seating area. No the description may not say it, but there are signs giving guests some clue as their walking up. I believe one of the signs still says water effects may be used.

This is, as proclaimed by the park, the darkest show they've ever done. Which essentially will lead people to believe the show is more horror than compared to previous shows. It is about Jack the Ripper, one of the most notorious murders after all. I expect the show to have suspenseful moments and startling moments.
Okay I am literally looking at the back of a map right now, and for the globe it says, and I quote "Doors close promptly at show time at the Globe Theatre and Abbey Stone Theatre.* We encourage you to arrive early for the best seat. ** Atomspheric effects including fog are in use in the Globe Theatre, Abbey Stone Theatre* and Das Festhaus*." And then it talks about assisted listening.

Fog is the only effect listed, and it's listed for the Globe, Festhaus and Abbey Stone. Nothing else is said, which leads people to believe that nothing else is really used. And to be fair, the Festhaus and Abbey Stone are both incapable of using any of the "4D" effects. Meanwhile, London Rocks has the ability to use said effects, but does not tell you that it will.

Most people when going into a Live performance, do not think about the effects their chair will give them. Some probably don't even want those effects to even happen, as it's a major distraction from the live performers. And if I was performer, I'd feel insulted that these chairs are using these effects to "Enhance" the experience, when all it is, is removing the audiences focus from the stage. It interrupts the story.

These are live actors on a stage. They want to be noticed and paid attention to. And using these effects is nothing but a distraction to their performance.

Also, the park proclaims a lot of things as "the darkest" thing they've ever done. I'm still waiting for Scott to show up on my doorstep to scare me, because he made the claim that Howl-o-Scream will be the scariest it's ever been, and if it's not, then he'll personally come to my door and scare me. Monster Stomp Revamped was "darker" than it's original version. But, if the inclusion of the skeletons are back for this incarnation as well, there is no way it's gonna be the "darkest show they've ever done."
OK. So, first of all, I hated the effects and really don't want to go to any future shows in that theater, because of them.

Second, putting the effects in fine print and on signs right outside the theater is not a way to market them, or a mechanism for drawing people into the show. In fact, it sounds more like the park is warning guests, similar to the signs outside thrill rides.

Finally, I'm not sure I see the correlation between a grim topic and a scary show. It sounds more likely to be a British true crime drama, if it is going to be about Jack the Ripper. Further, 4D effects do not make a show scarier, they distract the audience and make it annoying. Was Monster Stomp ever frightening before?
These guys made their own special effects, and didn't need any technological tricks. I just hope the story-line isn't too cheesy, given who had the final approval on this new version.


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Pretzel Kaiser said:
And we all know about how accurate those ratings were...
"Mommy Monster Stomp is four pumkins and so is Festa Dementa!" I have very high hopes for the show and fingers crossed they bring back the skelleies! I still don't understand why it has to be dark? Why can't it just be fun? Also could we expect a story?
I moved to Virginia in 2002, and have only been coming to the park since 2007, when one of my first photo-customers took me on her season pass. Having done some freelance work for the park, until now, I became friends with many of the former performers of Monster Stomp (among other shows). So while I may not be particularly qualified to comment on this, I would like to note that the strength of this show was largely due to the ability--and willingness--on the part of some key performers to spontaneously improvise. While the "King Vampire" and his lady were the lead performers in the last several shows, the new lead performer will be based on Jack the Ripper, instead. Therefore I feel it's unlikely there will be any "story" as such, but that the show will remain a collage of various performances and acts.

Just my sole opinion, you understand, from what little information I've been given by my remaining contacts.
^ I think it's a bit... I don't know, questionable, that the park is basing a fun Halloween musical show on a real-life serial murderer of women. Is it just me? What next, KD is going to dress the Clown Band as John Wayne Gacy for Haunt?
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