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Sep 23, 2009
Ok, here's the deal. The "Why...?" of this thread can't be answered yet. That said, when an announcement is made, you'll be able to look back on this and say "Oh, wait, so that's what Zachary was referencing..."

Anyway, in this thread, I'm going to set out to answer a question no one is asking: What if Kings Dominion was bought by Feld Entertainment and rethemed to Monster Jam? We know Feld Entertainment has weird delusions of Monster Jam being a theme park-ready IP. What if they went all-in and just purchased Kings Dominion?


As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do, but in its current state, every attraction in the map above (sans Intimidator 305 and Rebel Yell) is named after a Monster Jam monster truck. I swear I'm telling the truth.

So let's run down the current list...
  • Intimidator 305 would stay untouched since Feld Entertainment understands their target audience.
  • Flight of Fear would be rethemed to Alien Invasion.
  • The Volcano site would become home to the Grave Digger B&M Wing Coaster conceptualized at IAPPA.
  • Avalanche would be themed to Storm Damage.
  • Anaconda would become Xtermigator. Big green reptile to big green reptile seems like an easy switch.
  • Backlot Stunt Coaster would become Soldier Fortune Black Ops (the second Soldier Fortune monster truck reportedly).
  • The Crypt gets rethemed to Stone Crusher. Credit to @Thomas for this one.
  • Boo Blasters becomes Midnight Rider. Grave Digger was the first idea for this conversion, but since we need a Volcano replacement anyway...
  • Bizarrely, Woodstock Express goes back to one of its previous themes, Scooby-Doo (because somehow there is literally a monster truck named Scooby-Doo).
  • Dominator becomes Raminator.
  • Berserker becomes Rammunition, further expanding this small RAM-themed section of Monster Jam Park.
  • Racer 75's south side returns to Rebel Yell. Meanwhile, the north side gets themed to the monster truck Northern Nightmare. Together, this creates Rebel Yell vs. Northern Nightmare. Credit to @Thomas for this one too.
  • Drop Tower becomes Earth Shaker.
  • Delirium becomes Devastator.
  • Twisted Timbers becomes Iron Outlaw.
  • Apple Zapple becomes Slinger. Paired with Iron Outlaw, this creates a little western-themed corner of the park.
  • Windseeker adopts a dragon theme and becomes Bakugan Dragonoid.
  • Adding to the small mythical flying reptile area, the sky coaster becomes Dragon.
  • Entering the current Old VA section, Flying Eagles would become Time Flys.
  • The Go Karts are themed after Gas Monkey Garage.
  • Grizzly adopts Whiplash as its new theme.
If anyone has more suggestions, there are, by my count, 62 different Monster Jam monster trucks. I've only used 20 of them so far.

PS: I hate monster trucks, I've never been to a monster truck rally, and I have no desire to ever find myself at one. The idea presented above is proof that there is no god as I have been allowed to inflict this concept upon the world despite its shear, immeasurable, evilness. This is the worst possible idea. Hopefully Kings Dominion agrees...
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Bakugan are neat little toys for just fidgeting at work doing inane things for 8 hours a day. I got a Dragonoid for free at Disney Springs.

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Sadly the OG Monster Truck, Bigfoot is no longer associated with Monster Jams. Because the would be a fantastic name for a restaurant. However given its history and grandeur, it really needs to be a major ride or landmark.
Interesting concept. But my head still has not stopped spinning from all the re-names/re-themes KD endured from having to drop all the intellectual properties from Paramount/Nickelodeon/Hanna-Barberra. Just when my induced vertigo is stable, someone throw this monkey wrench into the barrel! ?
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Grizzly, Dominator, Intimidator, Avalanche, Anaconda, Flight of Fear, Twisted Timbers..... Yeah, all dildo names.
I would like to toss in old names of rides into the ring as well such as Rebel Yell and Hypersonic.

KD has already shown that they're not above making sex jokes at the expense of their ride names, I mean there's shirts for Dominator. What's wrong with keeping the tradition with our new Monster Truck Overlords
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