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Swiftman said:
for the

If the ride is opening in six weeks, dont you think they need to start testing it to make sure it can run for a full day? Plus they have announced that they already have been testing it for over a month. Plus I've also heard from the Verbolten thread that there will be a soft opening for it sometime at the end of April early May.
Logster0121 said:
PzP said:
Week after next the park will only be weekends, there will be plenty of time to test it then.

True, but hopefully they will want the public to see it test.

Actually, no they don't. According to all of the employees in front of verbolten, the park does not want guests to see it test... that's why they have been testing it after park close and on off days

And if you want to see it run, go to the park May 18
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