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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va
This thread will be dedicated to changes that go around throughout the park that are not as news worthy as some others. 

I was looking through the media center web page and noticed that Gene Petriello's name wasn't listed as the contact anymore. Instead it says "Kings Dominion Communications Manager" 

Also, the email link for those who want to ask high resolution media images seems to be missing as well. 

What's more odd is that the "Public Relations Manager" position isn't listed on the full time positions page. Could Gene be gone and we will be getting a transfer similar to John Pagel when he left? Or is Gene in another department and someone will be transferred?  

Another possibility could be they haven't listed the position yet.

RE: Minor Changes in 2014

I believe it is official that our friend Gene Petriello has left Kings Dominion with reasons unknown. But, if anyone reading is interested in a full time position to become the Kings Dominion Communication Manager, the job has been offered on the job site. 

RE: Minor Changes in 2014

Because I don't know where else to post, what happened to the "On Broadway" show from last year. From what I can tell it looks like it was only in for one year
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

On the topic of On Broadway, I am sad and a little surprised to see it go. It was a fantastic show for the park and I'm sure it wasn't exactly cheap to produce. Of course, it has the misfortune to be located in the prime spot for a KD40 show, so I can understand why it left. I have to wonder if we will see it (or parts of it) return after the 40th celebration, though. Hmm...
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

The picture is of On Broadway. They always use pictures of the previous show in that venue until they can replace them with the proper pictures after the new show starts.
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

That picture is 'On Broadway.' Since this is a brand new show, they use anything that is fitting.

On Broadway is "fitting" because the show will highlight shows that were at the park from the 70's until now. So they used the image, since a piece of 'On Broadway' can be in the show in someway.

EDIT: Maybe if Joe and I can stop posting right after one another.
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

I can't remember if I have posted this here or not (I know I posted it to the KDFans Facebook page), but the park is looking for a new executive chef. When I say new, I mean this is a brand new position.

At this time the park doesn't have any sort of head chef. So that means that all of the food choices have been basically ordered out of a catalog all these years. Once this position is filled, I would expect major changes to the food quality and offerings at the park!
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

The communications manager and tech rides maintenance manager (I think that is what it is called) have been removed from the job site.

So far no information on who the new public relations representative is.
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

Found something interesting in the article BBW posted in the KD40 thread:
“We have really gone back to our roots for the 40th celebration, and brought back some of the things that people will remember from the 70's and 80's. One of those things--the singing mushrooms,” said Katelyn Sherwood, the communications manager at King’s Dominion.

Looks like we have Gene's replacement!
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

Evan said:
Just going to leave this here...

Forgot to tell y'all when I found out. I've been more focused on the park's opening :p. But Gene's voice can still be heard around the park about park policies.

Funny that the 2nd PR manager has come from a Richmond, VA TV station. Katelyn coming from WRIC 8 (RVA's ABC TV station; Gene was formerly a TV reporter from WWBT 12 (RVA's NBC TV station).
RE: Minor Changes in 2014

The Carousel in Candy Apple Grove has had the old lightbulbs replaced by LED lights on the ride.
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RE: Minor Changes in 2014

Here is my list of Minor Changes that I noticed on Sunday. I have pictures of 90% of them, but I won't include them here unless any of you want to see them.

- The park now plays the National Anthem before opening the gates. I don't recall this happening last year, but I certainly welcome it.

- Waterfall in Planet Snoopy by Boo Blasters has been restored. In previous years, two jets of waters from beneath the rocks shot water down into the pond below. Now the top of the waterfall has been opened up, so more water runs down and it looks more natural.

- New mulch spread in Boo Blasters queue

- Rails in Boo Blasters queue have been replaced with new wood and raised by about a foot, if not more. I don't understand why they have done this, but it looks kind of funny. Work has not finished here yet.

- New wooden tie rails have been added to the entire length of the Woodstock Express track

- Asphalt path from Planet Snoopy to the Singing Mushrooms replaced with pavers [already noted]

- The figurehead of a woman at the front end of Berserker has been removed

- New flowers beds in Safari Village, particularly in the area between the games and Flight of Fear's plaza

- New flowers beds all over Candy Apple Grove, filling up the landscape islands stretching the entire length of the area

- Country Kitchen gets a new sign and logo, much like the one it had originally

- Large promotional stand for Action Theater shows, in the pre-show area, have been removed.

- The red lettering on the sign under the Dino Store entrance (reading "Entrance Ahead to Dinosaurs Alive and Grizzly) has been repainted white for much better visibility.

I'll share more after I finish going through all of my pictures. So much has changed! :p
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