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Gavin rm -r *▌
Sep 27, 2009
Skyland Estates, Virginia
Let the negativity continue! This thread, and accompanying wiki page, are to track ALL the minor changes the park makes for the 2012 season. From changes in ketchup brands, to a change in how the park manages the Rhine River, and everything in between. The only requirements to be added to the wiki are that a person nominates a change they noticed, and either a) a photo is posted proving said change happened; or b) 2 DIFFERENT people, who didn't nominate the change, vouch for it. Thanks for your help!


Unconfirmed Changes
to vouch:
Coca-Cola products replace Pepsi products throughout the park
Darkastle receives a much needed renovation.
Pompeii loses some of it's original theming, which is replaced by a sun dial and some flowers.
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Preshow working again. Fireplace was back but as of Sunday it was broken again. Some additional props have also been added around the screens.
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Atlantis said:
What is the deal with the rumored France rail crossing changes?

It was mentioned the park did some work on the railroad around the France area during the off season, which is actually true. If you ride the train departing the New France Station, you can clearly see the crossing backstage had some work done with the rails from the train. I mean it isn't obvious unless you look for it.
Is it me or did they move an Eagle to a small screened sanctuary in New France next to the leather shop? I can't recall a bird there and while I want to believe its new, the surrounding cement paths, and wood fence background appear to be there forever. Just can't recall an Eagle there. Plus an animal trainer was stationed in front of the netting. Couldn't stop to ask... 3 yr old potty break!
The 2nd row for Alpengeist is no longer blocked off only for quick queue. It looks like they expanded an old mantinance pathway from the queue near the 1st row line to the entrance for quick queue. Also, entering the park the different ticketing places were labeled as Zones A, B, C, D, maybe alluding to air travel? Not sure if that is specifically new for 2012, but I noticed. :)
The tram loading/unloading area at the main entrance from Germany/Italy/Ireland parking lots has been enlarged. the landscape area that separated the queu from the pathway to prefered parking has been removed.
-They removed all of the shade from the spillover queue area at Griffon (just cruel, IMO).

-They installed several small awnings for shade over the patio on the Bistro.

-They moved the "pick a duck" game in Festa from in front of Tradewinds (replaced by benches) to next to the Apollo photo area (formerly empty).

-They closed the Eagle's Nest area off again. Last year they opened it up for smokers. Only smoking area in New France is the seating next to Griffon.

-They added hair wrapping and face painting stands next to the women's bathroom in New France. (empty area last year, smoking area before that)

-They removed about 2/3rd of the "all day" lockers in Scotland in the patio area next to Lil Clydes.

-The children's gift shop in Ireland sells (and is themed for) girls' toys exclusively now.

-They no longer sell pretzels in on the register counter at the pretzel shop. Have to get them from the opposite side only now.

-They removed the squirt gun game next to the drink stand in Festa and replaced it with about 6-8 claw machines.

Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.
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