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Gavin rm -r *▌
Sep 27, 2009
Skyland Estates, Virginia
It wouldn't be BGWFans if we weren't all a bit obsessive, so why not take obsession to the next level. This thread, and accompanying wiki page, are to track ALL the minor changes the park makes over the years. From changes in ketchup brands, to a change in how the park manages the Rhine River, and everything in between. The only requirements to be added to the wiki are that a person nominates a change they noticed, and either a) a photo is posted proving said change happened; or b) 2 DIFFERENT people, who didn't nominate the change, vouch for it. Also, only changes for the 2011 season can be added at this time. Thanks for your help!


Unconfirmed Changes[/b]]
It is a Golden Eagle. I have attached the plaque for "Aquila". I talked with one of the trainers and they are planning on using the bird for more the just Display in a cage at BGW ( i.e. taking Aquilla around the park and explaining the conservation story behind her.) But right now they are training her to adjust to people ( she had been behind the scene and away from the public) which is why the mesh is up ( the trainer said they hope to have it down in a couple weeks).


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PzP said:
The park needs more animals.

I believe space is an issue in a lot of cases, but I also believe they have a number of animals in the back as well. Don't quote me on this because I am just going on what I have heard by talking to a few trainers.
^ yes...they ship a lot of them up and down the east coast for shows and movies...
The "$10 Gift Shop" in Rhinefeld has been converted to a "50% off" clearance merchandise on items that are over 4 years old. Lots of good deals, but it's a bit more high end stuff (like ceramics) than was there in the past.

(Gavin, make a post for 2012, so I can move this one and the eagle post there ;) )
I'm liking these smaller animal exhibits they've added around the park lately, like the owl in Scotland. I think it is good to spread them around the park instead of keeping them all in Jack Hannah land...
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