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To retrack a wood coaster and not change the layout, it must retain steel wheels or it will be very slow. I don't know if IBox really can't do that or why Outlaw is the only fully Topper track coaster with steel wheels (I did hear of Storm Chaser using some during testing). Maybe 208 just adds the ability to transition between steel and wood track. The steel wheels could add some roughness, but I expect it will be the speed that is true to wood (or slightly faster).
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Mine Blower has officially closed for the refurb. I do wonder if they will keep the barrel roll wood. I imagine that's another area hard to maintain section. But they will lose the ability to call inversion wooden by doing so.
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Press release from the park:

@Unagi - Still stand by your info? This indicates the opposite of "full retrack" and "it won't reopen until next year"..

From what my friends working on the ride were initially told, this was suppose to be a complete retrack with other non-track work being done. Now they're focusing on the high stress areas only and are trying to get it done by Memorial Day weekend.
^^-- or the 208 ReTrack this year and merely retrack the rest eventually.

Seems like partial ReTrack could be an interesting sensation: feel the bumps where it doesn't matter that much, but coming down a hill, right before it would pummel you with shaky positive G's, suddenly turns smooth and glides right through, then launches you back into a wood section.
I've always been able to tolerate Mine Blower's roughness. Even up until spring of last year, I really enjoyed it. It's still one of the best coasters in central Florida, but the roughness just kept it out of my top wooden coasters. Hope this means the ride runs better than it did opening year.
Is the rust look actually what they want, lol, or are they going to paint it after installation for some reason?
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First review I've come across of. Track is very loud and Dan is saying some of the transitions from steel to wood are kind of jolty.

Yeahhhh at 2:50, there's a huge gap between the original wood and the 208. It's... almost comical how incompetent this looks. A shame that this is probably what causes the jolts, and will likely cause maintenance and/or safety issues very shortly, if not addressed.
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Everyone wants everything butter smooth which I don't agree with at all. Disagree strongly with "do the whole thing" in RMC track. And the transitions look problematic for sure. I think given how well the Grizzly retracking has worked out (the part that was done, I mean, of course - please KD, do the rest), with new-tech GG wooden track, they should have hired GG to do their magic on this instead of this RMC nonsense.
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I can understand being hesitant with going with GG to fix it, seeing as it was their coaster that was rough to begin with. It probably would've been the better choice ride experience wise but I completely understand Fun Spot's decision going with RMC
I think the problem is Florida and wood coasters, not GG.

Looking at 2:50 in that video with magnifiers up near the screen, I see the end of the far steel rail top ends right in the center of the screen, just under a horizontal brace obstructing the view. The visible gap to wood track is all the way to the left side of the next vertical support. Of the nearer track, there's a wooden post slightly right of center screen which just a bit of the 208 top plate projects past, but the outer surface is wood. So there's a thick metal L-beam that grips over a foot of the top and inside end of the wood track. There may be a slight space for flexure.
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