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RE: SFA getting a VR Coaster.

Does it do something special in the VR world when you are flung from tthe the ride? Does the story change dynamically depending on where you are killed?
You, surprisingly, bring up a good point. The ejector air on that ride is so intense, In curious how tight the headsets will have to be.
ScreamScape is reporting that SFA's Mind Eraser will also be receiving Galactic Attack this season as well. Now I have to wonder if it will be getting new trains like SixFlags New England's Mind Eraser. I've quoted that post is below if you missed it:

Shane said:
Some good news out of SixFlags New England. The park has purchased the newer style trains from Vekoma with the must more comfortable vest style restraint. This is even better news considering the earlier announcement that seemed like an odd decision to install the VR system on a Vekoma SLC. I initially thought that it was a terrible idea to put VR headsets on an SLC since you need to see where the train is going in order to brace your head and neck. (Still not 100% sold on the concept though).

It also appears that the queue will be split in two so riders who want to ride without VR will queue and riders with VR will be in a staging area to strap on and get setup. They will alternate back and forth with one train for regular rides and one train with VR. This should help increase capacity.

Check it out here.

If you've heard or seen anything, let us know!
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RE: Mind Eraser - Vekoma SLC

So, I just spoke with their rep at a travel and leisure fair in my building today. He said the VR package will only be on Mind Eraser though Memorial Day.

More interestingly, he says there will be a special VR Christmas package for Holiday in the Park.

He wasn't sure about Fright Fest.
RE: Mind Eraser - Vekoma SLC

Attempted to do this today and the execution was a disaster. Multiple people in my group experienced pain while doing this, the tech didn't work right for most of us, and (not at the fault of any of the ride ops) set up took an incredible amount of time. The idea to use this to promote the Gear VR system totally backfired. Samsung should really pick how they advertise better.
RE: Mind Eraser - Vekoma SLC

So, rode this today. It was the the worst roller coaster experience of my life. The worst. No exaggeration. I would rather have ridden a combination of Hurler and Grizzly on their worst days of operations.

I could not see any video on my headset other than what was being captured by the phones camera. After the first inversion the headset slid off of my head in which I had to grab it and hold it on. The ride is so much a head banger that I couldn't even see what was on the display, it was just motion blur. On top of that there is a large plastic knob on the back of the headset that prevents you from holding your head back against the headrest to brace yourself for the head banging nature of an SLC. I had to curl up into the fetal position through my restraint just so that I was not being beat to death. Additionally the Velcro on the face padding came undone and the hard plastic part of the Velcro was scraping my face. (My nose still hurts as I write this hours later)

Lastly it was brought to my attention that a kid's headset came off of his head and slammed into his face and he got a bloody nose while riding. Putting VR on an SLC is one of the worst decisions a park could ever make.
RE: Mind Eraser - Vekoma SLC

I think this whole concept is flawed on so many different levels. The tech is just not mature enough at a cost effective rate. (true VR tech is still WAY to expensive) I just can not wrap my brain around this one. It sounds like a complete nightmare in execution, and frankly it would have seemed that way in design. (from my perspective anyway) Finally, I just don't see the point. Not on a coaster anyway.

VR, and more over CHEAP VR has a place. It is great for relaxation and small home based applications. This kind of near industrial application seems fatally flawed.
RE: Mind Eraser - Vekoma SLC

I went to the park yesterday with a bunch of people from the forums. We went straight to this "VR hell hole", if I do say so myself. After waiting in line for over an hour and a half, we boarded. Multiple, if not all of us had to go through 2-3+ headsets to even find one that "worked". I for one can say that mine "worked", I saw what they intended me to see. I will still not understand why they put this on Mind Eraser. The headset bounced up off of my eyes multiple times, revealing the actual world again. I won't spoil to much about this ride; however, I am very disappointing and will most likely not be doing one of these again. 0/10 would not ride again.

(PS. The ride feels a lot longer than it is when you can't see what in the heck is happening. On this ride, that is probably not a good thing. (N))
I know most people hate this ride, but we rode it yesterday and, once again, it wasn't bad for me. Not at all, really. I didn't have any head banging. It's pretty fun and it has 2-across seating which, for me, is huge on an invert. I can actually see in any seat and any row. Now my son doesn't like it and he says it's because it's bumpy, which for him is bad. It is a bit bumpy but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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RCDB has listed Mind Eraser as SBNO.

Edit: Looking at some posts on Reddit, it seems like the whole Coyote Creek area is closed off.
It had been since late August. There seems to be a wide range of opinions and rumors from it will open later this season to opening next year to never opening.
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As Renegade Rapids is also in Coyote Creek, the whole section closed is a definite issue. I think they don't want to open the Saloon etc. up there though. Maybe they also sent train parts to Darien Lake, since I've heard that one's on its last legs too.
I actually liked Mind Eraser. It is very overly hated. I'd like to see them refurbish it and give it those new trains. That would be cool.
Agreed, in fact one time I was a helper for one of those University of MD Physics shows they did at the Coyote Creek restaurant and between shows I rode it 5 or 6 times in a row and had a great time.
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Whelp, based on those two posts, the name of the ride really is justified I guess. /s
I really do not get the hate. It does not bang me up nearly at all. And mostly what it does have is very mild. Every B&M OTSR coaster has been far, far more head bangy for me than Mind Eraser. Plus I can actually see in any row/any seat on Mind Eraser. Good luck seeing anything in a middle seat on any B&M invert except the front row, of course.
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