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Good afternoon,

We are at part 4 of 5 of the Midwest Coaster Audit. The next sequence of the trip consisted of three days at Cedar Point. I last went to Cedar Point in 2005 where I rode: Millennium Force (my original #1 coaster), Magnum XL-200, Wicked Twister, Mean Streak, Gemini, Raptor, Corkscrew, and Iron Dragon. Note that Top Thrill Dragster is omitted here. The park has been busy in the 17 years since I first rode out on the causeway in awe at the skyline of roller coasters on Lake Erie adding Maverick, Gatekeeper, Valravn, and Steel Vengeance. Obviously that last one is the most exciting coaster of the entire trip. My plan was to spend 3 days at Cedar Point and just enjoy the sh*t out of it. I will go ahead and note this report is significantly shorter than the Kings Island report. I loved Kings Island and had a lot to say about it. I've been to Cedar Point before and honestly didn't find it nearly as relaxing as Kings Island but it still is an epic park to visit.

I woke up that morning ate a delicious chocolate chip waffle at the waffle house next door to Hampton Inn by Kings Island and set off through the comically flat and boring landscape of western central Ohio. After 3 hours of farmland and the Columbus Skyline I arrived in Sandusky and was eventually successfully routed to the causeway. The visual of Cedar Point entering an enthusiasts eyes is basically like Jurassic Park when Alan Grant turns around and sees a dinosaur for the first time. It really is wild to actually see it in person for the first time.

I got chills as I parked and stared at the park in the distance with the sound of seagulls and waves coming from the side. Listening to the B&Ms ascend their lift hills from the parking lots, GateKeeper quickly caught my eye as it is clearly designed to do that. I really appreciate the creative decision to incorporate this attraction with the entrance gate. It really gets you excited for a fun day at the point. I decided since the two new coasters I was most interested in were in the far back and I was coming in the main entrance that I would start with the two new B&Ms. I proceeded to GateKeeper the third wing coaster I have ridden and second of the trip after Thunderbird at Holiday World. I rode Wild Eagle back in 2012 and I remember thinking it was fine nothing crazy, the wing perspective is interesting for sure. I really liked Thunderbird at HW I was significantly more interested in the Voyage at the time so I only rode it twice in the back row on each side. It was fun but I was hungry and wanted a million Voyage laps. I liked the pacing of the ride and the near miss elements at the end. Gatekeeper is a big spectacle for sure. As noted I love its presence at the front of the park. The near miss elements over the entrance gate are excellent and a really cool experience. The wing over drop and subsequent element is really forceful and fun. The airtime hill doesn't do a ton but I thought it was a fun element. All of the inversions are enjoyable and different from a typical B&M looper with the prolonged exaggerated effect of the wings. The ride isn't super fast but I appreciate what it does and its purpose. It just looks REALLY cool where it's at and does a lot of cool elements. Very re-ridable fun ride I made sure to get several laps on it over the three days. It only has a queue at the start of the day then after that appears to be a walk on. 8 out of 10 if I compared the three Wing Coasters I don't have a strong preference for Thunderbird over GateKeeper maybe a smidge for the launch and pacing but I appreciate all that GateKeeper does and the visuals the ride brings to the entrance area.

Up next it was time for the other new B&M at the front of the park, my third dive coaster Valravn. It became quickly apparent that Valravn is one of the most popular attractions at Cedar Point. It wasn't too busy when I arrived that Wednesday but it appeared to sustain a 45 minute queue or more the majority of the time I was visiting Cedar Point. The GP love their dive coasters that's for sure. Valravn as has been noted goes for the vest restraints which actually benefit me as a big & tall guy I could sit in any seat which was amazing after being confined to Griffons center seats and middle row somewhat middle seats for a year now. Valravn is very much a dive coaster, I prefer the layout to SheiKras with the extra and varied inversions. I think the drop sensation is definitely superior on both SheiKra and Griffon. If I ranked them without considering the restraint sensations I'd rank Valravn 2nd for layout easily. Griffon wins that battle for its airtime pops and dive under the bridge as well as splash down. SheiKra doesn't do much for me layout wise other than the drops and splash down but the lack of inversions hurts it for me compared to Valravn. I personally don't consider the three of these to be overwhelmingly superior to the other and I am never going to be bummed to see a dive coaster in any park. I find them to be very fun rides, nothing that blows your socks off but usually a sufficiently enjoyable attraction. 8 out of 10 for Valravn. I will also note I liked how they used lights at the bottom of the drop to mess with people on the holding brake.

After a beer and meal break at Chickie's & Petes I made my journey on the frontier to Frontiertown where apparently some outlaws appeared to be having some disagreements. Back in 2005 all that was back here was a log flume and Mean Streak which I rode. Me and my Dad hated Mean Streak in 2005 so it decided it was back........for a vengeance.........not only a vengeance, a Steel Vengance. I was worried about this ride underwhelming after the Voyage had sufficiently melted my face off on the Sunday before this. Luckily, no it didn't. First off I was a little jealous how much larger the cell phone locker area was compared to the small cage for Twisted Timbers. I get it it's an infrastructure thing but sheeeeeeesh ample room in that thing and like 20 screens for the lockers. I was excited to finally ride this epic huge RMC creation. I rode Iron Gwazi in May so huge RMCs were no stranger to me at this point. I don't remember which train we had of the three outlaws for my first ride, but I was directed to the front row for my first ride much like Iron Gwazi. Steel Vengeance is a wild fun ride easily one of the best roller coasters around. It felt like Twisted Timbers on steroids if that concept even makes sense. The first half is more similar to Iron Gwazi albeit slower paced, the second half feels like a Twisted Timbers lap x2. Airtime galore on this thing. It's just nonstop. I admit I prefer Iron Gwazi overall honestly because it feels more refined than Steel Vengeance and not excessive I guess. But SV is a close #2 for me I think I just hit the brakes more shook by Gwazi. They are both amazing roller coasters and everyone should ride them. 11 out of 10 if I could. Best ride at Cedar Point 2nd best RMC of the five I've done.

Next was this jerk that Blackjack, Chess, and Digger don't like across the street, Maverick. This little red intamin turned into a huge pain in the a** to ride over the three days. There were 3-4 times I attempted to queue up for Maverick and it went down. It even went down for a bit while I was on the ride and we got e-stopped in the launch tunnel. The line was always huge at least 45 minutes the whole visit. I never got a night ride unfortunately due to this happening a bit at the end of the third day. I loved Maverick. I think I ultimately decided I prefer Pantheon to it overall but I see how it influenced I305 so well. It's a unique cool ride and I enjoyed it. I felt like the OTSRs kinda limited my airtime unfortunately but it's a great ride regardless. Definitely #2 in the park. 9 out of 10.

That's all 4 of the new coasters, other credits I needed: Rougarou 6.5 out of 10 it really wasn't that great honestly I rode once and was fine after that. CC Mine Ride 2 out of 10 I hated the lap bar and the ride was boring anyway so that didn't help. Woodstock Express 3 out of 10 family vekoma coaster It's there, still more enjoyable than Mine Ride for me sadly. Blue Streak 6 out of 10 standard out and back wooden coaster nothing to write home about. Then Dragster was closed :(. I also rode Skyhawk to sample a larger Screamin' Swing and um yeah they're not much different from the smaller ones.

Ride Re-visits: I was very excited to revisit Millennium Force it was really fun to ride this again after all the weight loss. The seatbelt gave me so much anxiety to get buckled each cycle but we never failed thankfully. Millennium Force is one of those rides like Apollo's Chariot that's very enjoyable to ride but not very intense and will hold a big piece of nostalgia for me. The ride is very relaxing and a great rush to blow off steam. Early entry I would just go ride Millie over and over until SV opened for the day basically. Missed the station music which got me excited and other guests every single time. It's definitely #4 of the 4 gigas I've done now but it will always be special for me 9 out of 10. Magnum um yeah this wasn't what I remembered I rode once in the 2nd car front row of it. All I remember was a brutal headache and uncomfortable airtime moments and just waiting for the brakes. 4 out of 10 I assume I was sleep deprived and dehydrated but this was not Magnums trip. I loved in 2005, not so much this time. Raptor about the same as I remembered, strong positives throughout, fairly standard invert honestly on a flat plot of land. Feels like a super batman clone almost. I preferred Banshee between Raptor and Banshee but I enjoyed my two Raptor laps 8.5 out of 10 definitely the best of the parks B&M quartet. Gemini again same as a I remembered from 2005. Fun unique racing coaster 7 out of 10 nothing too crazy. Skipped Corkscrew and Iron Dragon got those in 2005, was over headaches on shakier rides, and Bats derailment didn't get me too excited for Iron Dragon.

Of the food I tried the new Farmhouse twice (the steak was excellent, I liked the potatoes and the other side I tried when I got the tenders), Hugo's the pizza was fine, I did enjoy Chickie's & Petes wings and crabfries as well as their full service bar, BackBeatQue had excellent pulled pork and mac and cheese. It was rather similar to Coney BBQ at Kings Island. Overall I really enjoyed the park and my visit there. The employees appeared to be slightly less enthused the Kings Island staff that definitely was a vibe I picked up in the park. The guests were a bit more rude as well I heard several nasty comments made over dumb things. One couple just made out in front of me in line for Maverick for a solid 30-45 minutes. I definitely feel like the park is exhausting compared to other parks, I mean it's huge narrow, long, there are tons of attractions and the park draws heavy crowds from all over. The amount of mayflies is absolutely insane the second day it's like they just exploded all over the park. I get they can't do much about it but sheesh that's a sh*t load of bug carcasses. I may have just had amusement park fatigue at this point in the trip but I was definitely ready to go home at the end of Cedar Point, but there was one more stop in Pittsburgh. A park I have been looking forward to for years and the last park of the trip!


Feb 26, 2021
CC Mine Ride 2 out of 10 I hated the lap bar and the ride was boring anyway so that didn't help
I thought it was the scariest ride in the park. It's so damn old I kept thinking it was going to collapse or go off the rails. Honestly, I always enjoy riding those old mine trains and that one is pretty long.
My issue more or less was the lap bar otherwise I think mine trains are delightful like Adventure Express at Kings Island. That ride is also is just all around much better and more interesting than CCMR. Genuinely curious who owns a CCMR nanocoaster.....
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