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Nov 28, 2009
:) Just got back!!! Had a blast. Was at BG on sat. and today and WCUSA yesterday. Im not gonna go into detail about my schedule, but im gonna rate the rides i did:

Loch Ness Monster(6/10): Gotten rough. Ok ride though. We got stuck on the hill at 10 Sat night:cool:
Europe in the Air(8/10): Very nice replacement! I liked it more than CSH! It was shaky in parts though.
Griffon(10/10): Amazing first drop!:D Love front the most!
Le Scoot(7/10): Fun water ride! Much wetter than usual!;)
Train(8/10): Pretty cool way to see the park!
Alpengeist(8/10): Cool ride that makes me dizzy. haha. best in front row.
Skyride(6/10): Nice calm ride!
Curse of Darkastle(8/10): Fun crazy ride with awesome 3D!:)
Bumper Cars(9/10): Fun fun fun!!!!!! Never enjoyed running into my family so much!
Swings(7/10): Pretty fun! But dizzying.
Da vincis Cradle(7/10): Did it right after lunch today! Haha made my stomach feel wierd!
Apollos Chariot(10/10): Omg! So much fun in the front! Amazing!!!!!:p:)
Escape from Pompeii(5/10): Too short. Dont like fire but like the drop:)
Roman Rapids(9/10): So awesome. Just pure crazy soaking fun:D
Grovers Alpine Tours(7/10): Pretty fun in the back!

So over all the fireworks were great and The park was cool!:)
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