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Mar 18, 2017
Drove by the overflow parking lot around 11:45 this morning. It was over 2/3 full. Then I saw signs directing the LPGA spectators to park in the Busch Gardens overflow parking lot. The LPGA Golf Tournament is at Kingsmill today through Sunday. I guess this will mean when they fill up the 3 main parking lots there will be no more parking. The players will probably finish up their days by maybe 5PM so it could be the overflow lot will be available to Busch gardens after 5. Just a heads up if you are headed this way but I have a feeling by 1 or 2 tomorrow and possibly Sunday it is going to be a nightmare trying to find a place to park.


Advisory Panel
Sep 24, 2018
That is typically how it works on lpga weekends. The main lots are used first and then later in the day BGW will go use the lots across the street when the event is over.
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