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Resident Rat - They/Them
Sep 3, 2019
VA Beach
Is it just me or is it just way to complicated to sign up for the "Member Splash Night" that is being advertised in emails right now?

When I first clicked the link in my email a week ago it took me to the general Water Country page, without any event specific details, so I assumed all I need is reservations for the day and got some for my family.

I got another email this weekend and clicked on the link again, for no real reason. This time I noticed a box to look for special offers for specific member accounts.
Since none of my kids have their own account I had to look up their numbers one by one and order the reservation for the event for each of them separately.
If there is a way to do everyone at the same time I didn't see it.

On the email I received there are special instructions, Including the side note that reservations are also needed, which seems weird considering that the only way to get a ticket is to specially order a reservation.

Step 1: Present your reservation confirmation and Membership barcode to the team member located at the Welcome Center on June 18, 2021 ONLY.
Step 1: You will receive a wristband that will allow you entry into Member Splash Night upon check-in.

Member Splash Night is only available to Memberships that include Water Country USA. Not available to Water Country USA Fun Card, 2-Park Fun Card or Member Guest Ticket Holders. Children with a 2-Park Preschool Pass may be admitted if accompanied by a valid and active Member, reservations are also needed. Parking is required for this event and is included with all Memberships, excluding Basic Membership. Event date, time and ride availability are subject to change/cancellation without notice.
Yeah, it's a real mess. I'm not really sure of reservations are actually needed if you're entering after 7 though? I suspect they may be using "reservation" to mean the Splash Night reservation... But who knows.
So I got splash reservations when they first opened. I never even entered pass numbers. When I got a couple pages in I typed what ever name i wanted and hit next. There are no bar codes or numbers in the reservation. I went in again a few days later because someone was talking about how they had to enter pass numbers and sure enough that time I had to log in with my membership bar codes one at a time. So now technically I have 8 reservations for 4 people but I wasn’t sure if the first 4 would work since they link to nothing. The reservation system
is again nothing but theater to make people thing the park is operating safely.
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Gonna be interesting how they are getting all non-members out of the park at 7.

There is no gap between the regular park closing and the member event starting.
Not sure if they have the staff to deal with all the discussions.

Between non-members that think they can stay longer and members that didn't realize they need a wristband it might be a mess.
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So I was excited to go tonight until I read the ride lineup just now.....
... I mean they've been clear about the lineup from the start...

Presumably they aren't expecting that many people to show up?
Yea, I never really looked until now....also I cant find anything on the website or WCUSAs other than how to sign up. I couldnt find anything on any snack or food locations though.
Massive lines for everything, wish I would have just waited in line in the 3 open rides before the park closed when the lone was much shorter. The DJ dosent have lights like they have in the past…..just wait till it gets dark where he is.
Also, First Aid is available by radio…..even tonight.
Anyhow…..thanks for being a loyal member…..”hurry up and pick your ice cream”.
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Another note...

If someone is bleeding and asks security how to get some first aid, the correct response is NOT "Sorry, first aid is closed, you'll have to find a roaming first aid person somewhere."

Seriously... what the fuck?!

What's the backstory, if you could say?
To hear the security person tell it, their radio was dead... Which is a problem... BUT THEN TO NOT OFFER A SOLUTION BEYOND "LOOK AROUND AND TRY TO FIND SOMEONE"...?!


Legitimately shocking.
Look, you have to give the park a was busy....they were in charge of collecting the blue "1" tabs from wristbands for the ice cream.
Tonights ride night has been the worst yet IMO. I have been before and never remember that many people, and such long rides. The face painting and icecream right next to each other made for one huge confusing mess and the team members were taking it out on guests yelling hurry up and pick. Honestly im not sure you could have ridden all 3 rides open in the 3 hours. We left about 8:30 and heard the same grumblings from others on the way out.
Exactly, I knew chowds would die the last half hour but I wasnt waiting around all night with nowhere to sit (yes they had almost all the seating roped off except for the one food place by the old diving show) waiting to get on a couple rides. The security guard running everyone out of the wave pool area right at 7pm set the tone of the night and it never got better.
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