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Sep 23, 2009
I'll be going to Media Day at the park in the middle of next week and the park is offering a few interview opportunities. If you'd like to ask a question, put it here and I'll ask.

I'm sure they won't talk about anything regarding the Big Bad Wolf replacement, so save those questions for a later date, but if you have any questions especially surrounding the confirmed additions this year, let me know.
Is there going to be a show in New France this year? The Canadian Palladium in not listed on the new map and there doesn't appear to be any show listed in the "shows" section that would be there.
BGT just put up a park history display. Please ask if we should expect the same from BGW this year or sometime in the future. Thanks.
I have begged for BGW to have something like a display or Gallery where you can see old ride signs and pictures... if only. (Not to mention that darn historical DVD I have begged for for years)
I would like to know when the new ride will officially open since we all know it won't be anytime soon. Also have they ever considered adding the all you can eat plans here like they have in the FL parks? I know they had them at Labor day last year and saw a ton of people with them. It is such a money saver and I'm sure their not missing out on any revenue.
The new ride(being Europe in the Air) opens late spring. The exact date is still undetermined/undisclosed.
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