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Dec 23, 2011

If you aren't vaccinated, stay away from the park.

The number of measles cases from the outbreak that started in Disneyland last month nearly doubled this week. At least 85 cases are now confirmed in seven states, the latest in Nebraska. And the outbreak could spread even further. Alaska health officials are closely monitoring 1-year-old Rivki Webb after she tested positive for measles this week. Her mother, Emily, said the family had just returned from a visit to Southern California. "There was DNA of measles in this child, and we need to now sort out if that is connected to the outbreak in California or not," Karaganis said. The outbreak began at Disneyland the week before Christmas. Of California's 68 cases so far, 48 are linked to Disneyland. California's state epidemiologist, Dr. Gilberto Chavez, warns, "If you are not vaccinated, stay away from Disneyland." Nine-month-old Eden Nguyen is too young to get the measles vaccine. Doctors told her mother, Christine, it's best to cancel a trip to the theme park. "We want to go, but her health is most important, so the trip can always wait," Christine Nguyen said. "I want people to be aware and to vaccinate their kids," said Emily Webb, "because that's the whole reason that she got sick in the first place, was because people don't vaccinate." Lab results will soon determine if Rivki has the measles, a disease once thought eradicated in the U.S.
RE: Disneyland Causes Measles

This is a great move on the part of the Disney corporation to try and eliminated the hordes of Jenny McCarthy anti-vaccine mothers.
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RE: Disneyland Causes Measles

Seriously, get your kids inoculated. Herd immunity only works if the WHOLE HERD is immunized. I'm not saying you have to do every shot at one time like some doctors want, that can be too much at once for some kids. BUT GET THEM ALL.
RE: Disneyland Causes Measles

Please me mindful of the rules, when you are discussing this measles outbreak. This forum is not the appropriate place to discuss your opinion of "anti-vaxxers."

Inappropriate content is prohibited, including but not limited to:


Personal insults or attacks targeting any (real) person;


Racial, religious, cultural, sexual, physical, age-based, or any other form of intolerance.

We have had to modify or delete multiple posts already.
RE: Disneyland Causes Measles

Zimmy said:
... and why 6 people who had been inoculated still managed to get Measles.


Apparently expressing a scientifically-supported opinion about public health is against the rules at ParkFans, so I removed my opinion... There, is that better? Sorry!

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The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore centered their episode around this. Larry and the majority of his panel were pro-vaccine; however, they did have one mother on the show that said she was pro-choice concerning vaccines.

They brought up an interesting point, mothers feeling guilt. The idea was that if a child got autism from the vaccine, the mother may feel guilt because they were the ones who made the choice to give the vaccine. This could be one of the reasons for parents not vaccinating their children.
So. Anyone know what affect this is having on Disneyland? Attendance, etc? Not even Disney can be immune to this kind of press...
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Party Rocker said:
The idea was that if a child got autism from the vaccine, the mother may feel guilt because they were the ones who made the choice to give the vaccine. This could be one of the reasons for parents not vaccinating their children.
Except thats not how it works. You don't get autism from vaccines.
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Applesauce beat me to it -- there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence showing no link between autism and vaccines. In addition, the first doctor to suggest such a link was thoroughly discredited, partly because he was publishing his study in order to promote his own version of an MMR vaccine.

As for guilt: what about the parental guilt when your child dies from a disease that was almost wiped out? What about when your neighbor's child, who is allergic to the vaccine, is paralyzed for life when they catch the disease from your kid? You aren't going to feel guilty then?
Lets be very clear about something.  There is exactly zero evidence that any vaccine can or does cause autism.  There was a false study done by one doctor in England that showed a link.  It turned out that the study was based off of complete junk and has been rejected by the rest of the scientific community.  There is antidotal evidence that giving multiple shots at one time or even a cocktail to a child with Autism my have a negative impact however this is more of an emotional issue not a bio-chemical one.

Whenever the "study" in England is brought up as evidence of a link between Autism and vaccinations without the term, "debunked" prior to the word "study" a frankly dangerous falsehood is perpetuated throughout society.  

When a person has a child with Autism they desperately want answers, they want to know why this has occurred.  Often they will latch onto anything that provided them something concrete they can point at.

From the CDC
From the Autism Science Foundation
From WebMD
From Public

I could go on, but you get the idea.
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