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Sep 23, 2009
Before anything else, here are the two rules of this thread:
1. Please follow the format (see below).
2. Please DO NOT post comments on this thread, only reviews. Comments will be deleted. In-other-words, this is not a discussion thread.

The Question:
Why spend money trying everything yourself when you can hear what others who have tried it have to say?

The Answer:
We need a place to publish our reviews of the different meals in the park to help others and we need a place to read the thoughts of others so we can make more informed choices.

The General Idea:
The idea is simple- everyone does their best to contribute their "mini-reviews" of the meals that they eat while at the park.

The Format:
Here is an example of what your review should look like:
Restaurant: La Cucina
Meal: Philly Steak Sandwich
Price: About $9
Pros: The bun and veggies were good. Also nice that it comes with fries.
Cons: There isn't much cheese and the meat is unbearably dry- it was so dry in fact that I had to put ketchup on it just to finish it.
Recommended: No

Can be as short or as long as you'd like, just please include the name of the restaurant/eatery, the name of the meal, the price (optional), pros and cons about the dish and finally would you recommend it to others.

NOTE: Multiple people can, and most-likely will, review the same dish. This is by design- the more opinions the better.
Restaurant: Pigs in a Kilt
Meal: Sampler
Price: About $8
Pros: Filling. Fries are what you are used to from Busch. Chicken fingers were well seasoned.
Cons: The corn dog is nothing like the others in the park- the one that comes with this particular meal is very lightly breaded.
Recommended: Yes
Restaurant: Three River Snacks
Meal: Funnel Cake (with hot fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream)
Price: About $6
Pros: Delicious. One of the best desserts I've ever enjoyed, theme park or not.
Cons: Expensive for a funnel cake, addictive, and eating too much can make one sick.
Recommended: Indubitably

Hope it's okay to review desserts. :)
Restaurant: Squire's Grille
Meal: Cheeseburger & fries
Price: NA
Pros: The french fries were good.
Cons: The bun was a bit tough and I was unaware that grissle could be as large as a nickel.
Recommended: No

Restaurant: Das Festhaus
Meal: Farmers Platter (Ribs, German sausage & chicken)
Price: Around $15
Pros: The chicken is my favorite meal in the park. Sausage is ok. Hash browns are tasty.
Cons: The sausages tend to be a bit well done. The ribs taste ok, but are improperly cooked.
Recommended: yes
Restaurant: Smokehouse
Meal: Brisket Sandwich and Pasta Salad
Price: $8
Pros: It was a good value for what you get, good flavor, and salad was good
Cons: The bottom slice of bread got a little bit soggy from the pasta salad, but didn't affect it much
Recomended: Yes
Resturant: FestHaus
Meal: Turkey Sandwhich
Price: 8-10$ not sure
Pros: Great taste, Large serving, really good for the price
Cons: The turkey is really dry, but nothing mayo cant solve.
Recomend: YES!!!:)
Restaurant: Grogans Grille
Meal:Sampler platter
Price: About $10
Pros:Very Filling Taste REALLY Good
Cons: Pork lion was alittle dry
Recomend: YES!!!
Restaurant: Smokehouse
Meal: Rib Sampler
Price: About $15
Pros: Everything. The size of the meal is massive- every time I've had it I've had to give almost half the meal to friends. The meal itself is delicious and they give you just about everything you could want to eat at the park.
Cons: The main con is obvious- the price. If you plan to get this meal, by all means, buy a meal ticket at the ticket window. Also, the first time I had it the chicken was a little under-seasoned, but it wasn't anything unbearable.
Recommended: Yes
Restaurant: Trappers Smokehouse
Meal: Brisket Platter
Pros: Pretty much everything! 1. The large size 2. Delicious brisket 3. Includes fries, roll, and BBQ Sauce
Cons: Nothing (I've heard about the brisket being dry sometimes, but that never happened to me)
Recommended: Absolutely Yesss!!!!!:D
Restaurant: Smokehouse
Meal: Brisket Platter
Price: About $10
Pros: Large serving size, fries and a roll- for me it is enough to split with someone
Cons: There can sometimes be a lot of fat on the meat
Recommended: Yes
Resturant: FestHaus
Meal: Farmers Feast
Price: $13-$15
Pros: Great taste, Large serving, Has everything you would want to try from the other meals
Cons: Remember napkins, Little Expensive but worth the money.
Recomend: Yes!
Restaurant: La Cucina
Meal: Buffet
Price: Adults: $9.99, Kids: Around $6
Pros: Food is great (and unlimited!), you get free drinks, and the place is dirt-cheap.
Cons: Outdoor seating.
Recommended: Most definitely.
Restaurant: La Cucina
Meal: Buffet
Price: $9.99 Adults $5.99 Children (9 and under)
Pros: Awesome food, pizza, spigetti, drinks come with the price
Cons: On busy days it takes about 10- 20 minutes to get to the food
Reccomend: on a day it isnt busy
Restaurant: Squire's Grill
Meal: Fish and Chips
Price: $10.38 (including small drink)
Pros: I was plesantly surprised at how good the fish is. It was firm and full of flavor. The fries (chips) were fresh and crispy.
Cons: They do cook it fresh while you wait, which could take some time, especially if its busy. Pick an off hour to eat.
Recommended: Yes
Restaurant: Trappers
Meal: Smokehouse Sampler
Price: About $13 (Used a meal deal voucher)
Pros: About as close to a perfect meal as I've had there. Nothing was overdone. Got the dark meat chicken. Made a mini brisket sandwich with the roll. Ribs wer big. Lemon cake is outstanding.
Cons: They don't trim the tips off the spare ribs, which I personally like, because you get MUCH more meat. But that meat is a bit tougher than the closer to the bone meat like baby backs or more closely trimmed spareribs.
Recommended: Yes, especially with a meal deal.


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Restaurant: Das Festhaus
Meal: Hand-Carved Turkey Sandwich
Price: $7.99
Pros: Great for lunch, light yet filling - try it with their raspberry vinaigrette...
Cons: I'm not a fan of the chips they currently serve, I generally ask for German potato salad instead.
Recommended: Yes
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Restaurant: Das Festhaus
Meal: Mile High Corned Beef Sandwich & German Potatoes
Price: $8.89
Pros: Served with Swiss Cheese & Rye bread. Very tasty and filling (can feed two). Potatoes are very sweet and can be substituted for chips. Price is extremely reasonable for theme park meal of this size and quality.
Cons: The bottom layer of bread can get soggy from the potatoes sauce.
Recommended: Yes


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Restaurant: Das Festhaus
Meal: Hand Carved Roasted Turkey Sandwich
Price: $8.99
Pros: Tastes really good. Excellent combination with wheat roll, Muenster Cheese, lettuce and tomato.
Cons: It disappears from my plate too fast.
Recommended: Yes


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Restaurant: Grogan's Grill (during Christmas Town)
Meal: Soup and Sandwich Combo (Turkey Panini & Brunswick Stew)
Price: $8.99
Pros: Very yummy. Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce on toast is excellent. Choice of soup (Brunswick Stew) in a small bread bowl is pretty good.
Cons: Bread bowl & amount of soup seems too little for the price. Also, very little of the soup was actually in the bowl (see picture). This is not an accident. I watched two different servers do this for every customer in front of me. Turkey sandwich is also disappointingly small (half a sandwich) for the price. Of course the Hot Turkey Gobbler from Wawa may have skewed my expectations (for $3.79): .
Recommended: Yes


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Restaurant: Ristorante della Piazza (During Christmas Town)
Meal: Shrimp Alfredo
Price: About $11
Pros: Shrimp alfrado is ok
Cons: Not much for the price and doesn't come with anything else. To be honest, the shrimp isn't really that good to begin with
Recommended: No
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