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Jul 28, 2016
My Family and I plan on visiting the park next week. I haven't been since the 90s. I have some questions about the deluxe meal plan. Is it worth the purchase? Also, can you buy it at the park or must it be purchased through the website? If anyone has a favorite place to eat, that would be helpful as well. Thanks.
For the deluxe meal plan you'll be getting 2 Entrées (can be $12-15 each), a snack (pretzels are amazing here! Can be $3-5), side/dessert (also $3-5), and the souvenir drink cup ($12, and free refills all day). All for $33.59 (adult) and $25 (child), so you really are saving the money, and worth the purchase! I had friends from TX just use it last week and they loved it!

My favorite places to eat would have to be Trappers in Aquitaine/New France and Marco Polo's Marketplace in San Marco/Italy.

You can buy it at the park, but I would suggest buying it online, sometimes it can save you a quick buck and any lines or extra waiting at the park.

Good luck and have fun!
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