What's your favorite coaster at the park?

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May 12, 2011
Well,it was May 29th,memorial day weekend.Had to park in all places,SCOTLAND!took the tram basically from the Brewery to the park.Lucky we pre ordered our premium passes,so we didn't have to wait in the 30 minute ticket line.
I hit Apollo's chariot first.Followed by Alpengeist,Griffon,And Loch Ness.
None of the que lines were even close to full.Alpengeist was probably the busiest,but i got onto the front row in 15.Griffon and Apollo were both running 2 trains,and loading and unloading very quickly,which made it a very pleasant visit.
For dinner i had A sampler platter from Trappers smokehouse.It was outstanding as usual.The ribs were hard to rip apart though,but it was still awesome.As the night hours approached,i tried to hit as many rides as possible.I rode alpengeist back row,which was extremely fast and dark:) Griffon and Apollo are AMAZING at night.I was dissapointed i didn't make it to Nessie:(
But here's something funny to end my report.Last ride of the night on Apollo.My phone had been in the same pocket ALL day.But on the last ride,the awesome airtime of Apollo's Chariot seized my phone.Maybe it's in one piece and will be found,but i do have another phone now just incase it's not.
Overall,GREAT trip.Going on June 10th for my birthday,hopefully opening day of Mach Tower?We shall see..
Thanks for reading guys!
I am glad you had fun and I hope you have many more positive experiences at Busch! We should find your phone soon, if we haven't found it already, and most likely, it will be fine.
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