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BGWilliamsburgFan said:
Busch Gardens Birthday is May 16 does anyone know if there will be a "soft" opening that day? If so maybe we could meet then?

I wouldn't think so seeing that the park isn't open. ;)
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Guests may end up being the first riders rather than employees. A rumored ride night for employees is a bit after the 18th.
Does anyone know if they are planning on opening the park progressively (like usual) or are they going to guide people to the back of the park to go to Verbolten (like they did with Hypersonic XLC when it opened at KD - I was there).
I would guess that they are going to have an opening ceremony at like 10:30 so that the media and invited guests (Like maybe pass members only?) don't get swarmed with other guests in Oktoberfest.
I am planning on attending, but not right away... My friends and I are going up after school... I don't care if we have to wait until after the park closes in line to ride once! I am riding May 18!
I have an exam that day but me and my friend are hopefully going up after school. I can't wait!
Yea, probably go up after work I guess and wait in line now. GF really wants to go. but we'll be there sunday too.
Sorry if someone already asked this, but does anyone have any idea what the "process" will be like for this? How did they do Griffon on opening day? I was there on MT and EITA, but I'm imagining this will be 1000xs worse.
With Mach Tower, they opened it when Italy and Festa opened, since it is so close to the birdge, but the rest of Oktoberfest will be closed. So I think they will do the same thing.
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