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Sep 10, 2012
Saturday, May 18th, 2013 ~ 10AM - 5PM
Opening Day - 2013

Anyone planning on getting wet this weekend? Saturday is looking pretty good weather-wise at this point. :cool:
RE: Opening Day - May 18, 2013

Good luck finding people to go with :p I believe the lack of theming keeps BGWFans away. I would join you, but I have other plans sadly.
RE: Opening Day - May 18, 2013

Opening day last year the park was not busy at all. Good time to hit all of the slides and take pictures. I'll see what I can do.
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RE: Opening Day - May 18, 2013

I was going to go today but since they are only open until 5PM, I'm going to pass. Maybe when they open later, I'll go.
RE: Opening Day - May 18, 2013

After gymnastics in the morning, we finally made it to the park around noon. It was a cloudy day, but not yet raining. Temperatures were in the mid-high 70's with a little breeze blowing. Non-existent crowds as expected. No lines for anything. The main problem was the wind. The water temperature was perfect; nice and warm. But when you stood up to get out, that is when you got cold. So you either stay in the water or don't get in.

We played in the wave pool for an hour or more. I tried out my waterproof camera and was amazed at how well it did. Then we walked around a bit to see if there was anything new to see (report coming soon), and then proceeded to ride the Aquazoid! After a little coaxing, my daughter rode the big slide with me (video coming soon). We walked around some more and decided we were ready to go home. For me, this kind of weather & water park combination is almost perfect, but my baby was cold and beginning to shiver a little too much. We had plenty of fun for a couple of hours, but as a parent, kid's needs come first!! :cool:
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