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May 5, 2013

we are a German family of three and will visit BGW next Saturday (5/11). We all have a BGW platinum pass, thus each of us get one free ticket for the park in May.

Who is interested in visiting BGW next Saturday - for free?

We would like to tour the park with you, if you are willing to take turns when riding the big coasters. Our daughter's size is 46 inch, which means she can only ride the small rides. Thus, we have to do parent swap. Moreover, you have to be patient with us, because we are not native speakers :)

We will stay in a hotel in Richmond. We can meet in RIC or in Williamsburg, whichever is more suitable for you. Please PM me ASAP, because we will leave Germany on Wednesday. (It is also okay, if you are a party of two.)

BTW: if you are an annual passholder with smaller kids, we would really like to tour the park with you. You know the problem with parent swap, if you and your wive/husband are the only adults in your group.

BTW2: if you are interested in touring KD with us the day before (Friday, 5/11), drop a PM.
I have no idea, since when Platinum Pass members get free ticktes (I thought this happens as often as with Sixflags season passes), but I get this announcement, when I log in to the "Pass Member Advantages":

I tested "register now". It's like buying a ticket for 0$, but you have to type in the name and birthday in the end of the procedure. Thus we need a feedback until Wednesday, because I have to process the tickets before our departure.

Confirmed. I know who I'm bringing!! :)
I log in and check every so often. This must have been slipped in over the last 7 days or so. Finally, some Platinum perks!!
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Thanks mcg, nice find! This is definitely something that had not been publicized to anybody by the park. I wonder why they keep it so secretive?
OK, hang on. Explicit directions coming shortly. :)

Go to BGW home page>Click "Pass Members"

Click "Pass Member Discounts"

Passport Site Member Login: Barcode from Pass & Zip Code

There you go!!
Lets get back to the topic at hand, in park meet-up with mcg. We can talk more about this deal specifically in it's designated thread.
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