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Sep 28, 2009
I'm trying to put together a little gathering of fans for the 15th Anniversary of Apollo's Chariot on Sunday March 30th. As of now the meet-up time is 11 am in front of the Apollo's Chariot entrance but depending on the opening time of Festa that day, the time may change. Make sure to join the event so you are up to date on the details.

Hope to see everyone there. :)

You will need to like BGW Memories first:

Then join the event here:
RE: Apollo's Chariot 15th Anniversary

I'm in! I haven't met many of you all yet and I hope to make some new friends this coming season. Nora, you happen to be at the top of my "to-meet" list. :) I had totally forgotten that this coaster had already reached such a milestone.

Erm, one thing:
"This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed." EDIT: Never mind. :cool:
RE: Apollo's Chariot 15th Anniversary

Joe, you are someone that is high up on my "must meet list" as well! Looking forward to seeing you there. :D

The link is now fixed.
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RE: Apollo's Chariot 15th Anniversary

Wow, I'll be meeting a whole bunch of people! I guess the "Year of Friends" just came late for me after all. :p
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BBW said:
Sure hope I can make this!  My first visit to the park ever was in 1999, so I have some special fondness for Apollo's fine equipage!

Also made my first visit in '99, just in the middle of a hurricane and I wasn't tall enough to ride. Shame I live 250 miles away and its cousin up here isn't open yet.
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I have the 30th off!I wouldnt mind meeting up with yall to celebrate one of my favorite coasters!
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Well even if it is raining~ I'll be there and the gathering will go as planned. Cannot believe that it has been 15 years already! See everyone soon. :)
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Sadly, something last-minute has come up. I will be there in spirit, so wish Apollo a happy birthday for me everyone!
Alpenghost, I doubt you're older than I am ... I say that so you can feel younger! I was no kid when Apollo opened, lol.

It's not looking good for me making it, either, which is really disappointing. Wanted to meet more forum members and join in the good wishes for AC's next 15 years!
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