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RE: March 21, 2014 - CF & TIO Season Premiere

I wish, but sadly I hate missing school so I won't be able to make it. I should be there the 22nd though to see both, but make sure you support both shows greatly for me!(especially my favorite, TIO!)
Yay, it's looking more and more like DH and I can make it. Might not quite get there for CF, but should make TIO easily. Would love to make the train ride, too.
My contact info is available in the Contact Info thread for members; follow the directions... ;)
Please DO NOT TEXT ME at all this weekend.  But feel free to call. :)

CK's Friday Show Itinerary:
11:30 - Pet Shenanigans (if time permits)
1:30 - Celtic Fyre
2:00 - Sunny Days Celebration (if time permits)
3:00 - Entwined (lunch & to get great front seats for TIO)
4:00 - This is Oktoberfest

CK's Evening Activities:
Sky Bucket Ride
Nessie Ride
Train Ride
The Trade Winds
Turkish Delight
The Battering Ram
Escape from Pompeii
*New Bridge Fun After Dark

It was pointed out to me that the directions say text first, and then I say don't text in this post. bad. Tomorrow is the exception to the rule. Call if you want, just identify yourself (forum name, etc.) or PM me here. Thanks... ;)
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