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Nessie is lonely.
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Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
I could not find a better place for this, so if I put this in the wrong place please feel free to move it.

Does anyone know if there is any kind of slide show of the maps of KD from each year? I would love to see how the layout has changed over the years. In particular I would like to see how things changed as they closed the animal park.

At the least, does anyone know where there might be a collection of maps of the parks?

I would also love to see this for BG.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks! That was a big help! I was saying this weekend that the current KD maps were not very useful, but they are nothing compared to the early ones. WOW!
Here's the entire map, both sides, from 1996.


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I have the 1996 map somewhere. I had a season pass that year (I was seven) as did all of my immediate family. This is the version of KD I remember when I think of the layout of the park since I haven't been recently since 2008 (after not visiting since 1998). My fondest memories are of the Nickelodeon Splat City, Days of Thunder, Wayne's World, and Yoji's Cave. One of my biggest regrets was not visiting Yoji's Cave the last time I visited. :'(

Also, I don't know how but I do not remember Hurricane Reef at all. I need to ask my mother or grandmother why we never went over to that area of the park. :/
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