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Jun 23, 2010
I'd like to obtain a park map to help in planning and showing my family what's at King's Dominion. The online version just doesn't work well for us to share and enjoy. I tried contacting the park to request a printed map, but they are only willing to send me a large postcard with park hours and some basic information.

I'm hoping someone here who has visited the park this year or will visit soon would be willing to send me a park map. Even if someone has an extra map from last year, that would be helpful, but a current one would be great. Even a couple copies would be fantastic. I'd be happy to provide extra postage in return. Someone willing to help could send me a private message so I can provide my address. I really appreciate any help.
I don't know when I will be heading to the park (hopefully next weekend), I will try to grab a extra map. I have some from last year, but they are pretty beat up.
I still haven't obtained a park map for King's Dominion. Is anyone who is planning to visit soon able to pick up a couple for me? I'd be happy to pay for postage and send along some fun items from New England parks in return. I really do appreciate any help very much.
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