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Indiana Beach Vibe
May 14, 2011
BFE, Virginia

A man has been hospitalized after falling from a water slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Valencia.

Park spokeswoman Sue Carpenter said the 19-year-old made his way up Venom Drop, part of a 75-foot-high group of slides called Black Snake Summit, about 4:15 p.m. Sunday, according to KTLA-TV.

The man then passed other people in line, and went down the slide head-first on his stomach, even though protocol is to go down feet-first on the back.

He was not cleared to go down the slide by lifeguards. The man fell off the slide about halfway down and landed on the pavement, the station said.

"He just hit the concrete. ... There was a loud bang," witness Tristan Esparza told KTLA. "Everybody heard it."

The man was unconscious but breathing when he was taken to the hospital, the TV station reported. His name and condition were not released.
"He forced his way past park lifeguards and put himself and other guests at risk by going down the slide in the wrong position," Six Flags said in a statement. "Park medical staff and local paramedics were immediately called to the scene."

So yeah, kid's an idiot. I seriously can see him trying to press charges due to it because he's that damn dumb. So sad he hasn't been removed from the gene pool though, that would've easily made a Darwin Award. I don't know, hopefully the doctors tending to him in the hospital can fix that...
Don't be so quick to condemn him. He might have been drunk thus causing him to make a stupid decision. Many 19 year olds have fake ID's nowadays.
It's still his fault even if he is drunk or not. Can't sue the park for his injuries. And he can't sue the park for serving him alcohol if it was the situation. But the park can get fined for serving alcohol to a minor. But i'm guessing that's not the situation and he was just trying to impress his friends.
I'm not trying to say that he isn't at fault. I'm just saying, if he was drunk he probably wasn't thinking guys are calling him an idiot, but if he was drunk then he wasn't thinking clear enough to make smart decisions. Most people are complete dumbasses when they are drunk.
I guess all that beer was just forced into his system. Because there's absolutely no way he would be dumb enough to drink in public he's a minor.
People must be loaded to get as drunk as some of you people think "drunks" get. jeez. Those beers are $7 a pop.
pandorazboxx said:
People must be loaded to get as drunk as some of you people think "drunks" get. jeez. Those beers are $7 a pop.

Either that or they can't handle a beer, yours holds more weight though.
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