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Mar 30, 2010
Looks like they will be opening a Madagascar show at Stanleyville Theatre this May at BGT.

Show opens May 18th.


Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay premieres “Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation” this May.
Party along with Alex the Lion and the other Zoosters as they vacation with guests at Busch Gardens. The original live musical show features singers, dancers and rock/pop music performed by a live band.
Sing, clap and dance along to original songs and party favorites as you join the Madagascar characters on their full throttle Busch Gardens adventure.
Madagascar© 2013.

Guests will have the chance to meet the characters and take photos with them as part of each scheduled performance.
An exclusive experience featuring reserved show seating, meet and greet with the characters and lunch will be available soon.
Special merchandise exclusive to the park will be available as well.
RE: Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation

So I guess this means that the rumor that a Madagascar ride will come to Universal, I wonder if this could bring an attraction to BGW...
RE: Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation

I find it funny that universal has the rights to this and sesame Street in Singapore but SeaWorld has them here.
RE: Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation

The costumes actually look pretty good.



Here's a nice picture review that shows all of the costumes and set.
RE: Madagascar Character Lunch


This is not the Busch Gardens I used to know!!! I guess it's nothing more than a little dining experience that can be something fun and new, but I fear this is a glimpse at the flashy, shiny new model our beloved parks are shaping into. Sigh...

To be fair, it's a cute show, that looks pretty cool and it sounded like kids like it, but it just isn't what Busch Gardens is in my opinion. :s

I almost feel like this is Tampa's version of Entwined... huh...
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RE: Madagascar Character Lunch

J0E1 said:
I almost feel like this is Tampa's version of Entwined... huh...

This. Anyone know off the top of their head what this replaced?
RE: Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation

Something called Real Music Concert Series. Kind of like Busch Gardens Live with smaller bands that played multiple days for the most part. Like 3-4 days around a weekend. The new enclosed theatre is a plus at least. I wonder if they only moved Fiends out of Stanleyville while they were renovating the building.

Just watched the video. I agree it's kind of meh. I umm kind of liked the skirt girls. It definitely is targeting the 8-13yo crowd.
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