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Mama Suka
May 11, 2018
Certainly looks Xtreme ...

Here's an NL2 of the same layout...but with onboard that makes it more Xtreme.

I am not a huge fan of any type of spinning ride, especially after going through Cancer & Chemotherapy for a few years. However, I would love to try this it looks not only as a crazy, spinning, fast exciting, and lots of inversions, but OMG sign me up this is not just a coaster I wanna do for on my bucket list or for a coaster credit. I really want to ride this, and I am sure the POV, is not really showing or giving it the justice and credit it deserves. Because, I want to ride it just for the crazy, spinning, fast, exciting and lots of inversion this coaster puts into a nice package with a big shiny, happy, come ride me bow.
Mack does come up with some cool concepts and then delivers on them like this one may do for me. I was just re-watching it and thinking, WOW this would be very cool and interesting if this coaster would actually be the dual launch, racing coaster that you can see right off of the Epic Universe Hub. The nice little coaster with a Celestial Gardens, Space Race, Intergalatic, hyperdrive, warp speed kind of coaster that is shown in the UEU Concept Art. That would be amazing, and do it like the West Coast Racers out in SFMM. Where you do both of the tracks for a complete ride, with nice inversions and some near misses.

Hey I can dream right. I wish, besides wasn't it Steven Spielberg who said, "I Day Dream For A Living"
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