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May 3, 2011
Richmond, Va
I've been keeping this low-key for long enough. But I'm currently in the process in making an amature simulation of being a Mach Tower ride operator using a very low end program called Scratch. Originally, I was making a Drop Tower ride operator simulator, but that got pretty buggy so I took a break from it. Some reason I found myself building a Mach Tower one. Now I'm sure I would have quit doing this by now, but Zachary was kind enough to make all of the artwork for me.

So here is his latest design that he sent me. It's not done, but it surely does look fantastic (well, as fantastic as a pixel drawing can get).


This is just an image and isn't the actual simulation, but I'm going for 100% realistic to Mach Tower's operations. Even for kicks, I'm adding breakdowns into it as well. You won't be able to board guests, but just purely run an empty carriage up and down the tower.

At this time I have the observation mode complete as that is far easier to make than the drop mode, but I hope to have the drop mode in a very rough condition done sometime this weekend. The simulation is already online, but I won't share the link at this time as it's in a very rough condition. If you find it on the Scratch website, more power to yah :p.

Feedback is always welcome. And no, feedback saying "MAKE IT CRASH INTO THE GROUND" is not welcome. I feel like I just cued Alpenghost with that sentence...
^ It isn't and it won't be. Scratch has such a small workspace that it's hard to get everything in. I'm still trying to figure out how to add the control panel without the text being so small you can't read it.
Sheesh, man, you could just go to the park if you wanted to see that happen.
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Hey, Evan, any way to add a background to make it look like the ride's in it's real location? Of course, I'm sure that's the least of your priorities right now.
I can... it would just be trees. I just need to figure out a final design for the control panel. I'm trying to add in all of the buttons that are on the real panel, but the size is very hard to work with.

Once I receive all of the final drawings from Zach, I will see what I can do.
There wouldn't be any way to simulate this as it is such a slight movement that it couldn't be seen.

So no... I could always add a switch, but there wouldn't be any animation of it.
Hey, Evan, I just created this little vibrating formula. I don't know if you can use it, but I just created it and it works well for me.


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Evan said:
There wouldn't be any way to simulate this as it is such a slight movement that it couldn't be seen.

So no... I could always add a switch, but there wouldn't be any animation of it.
Will there be any sound in this? If so, just add some sound for the vibrating.
There will not be any sound at this time. Maybe in the future, I will add a few pre-recorded spiels. But that is the only sounds that will be played.

Also, I seem to have gotten it to a playable state so here it is:

I highly suggest that you read the instructions that are located directly to the right.

Here are a few tips for operation:

Mode 1 (Click)= Drop Mode
Mode 2 (Click)= Observation Mode

To start the ride, the console power must be on, then you will need to lower the catch car all the way to the bottom of the tower so it's somewhat hidden by the carriage. After that, if you would like to run it like a normal ride operator, you will need to turn off maintenance mode.

To dispatch like a ride operator, make sure all gates and restraints are closed
(Open/ Close gates by clicking the button, there isn't an animation at this time)
(Restraints "O" Unlock and "L" to Lock them)
Once those are locked, press space to enable it to start, then press and hold "D" for 3 seconds or until the ride begins moving. Then you simply watch. The catch car will automatically lower.

If something messes (highly possible) just press "R" and it will restart.

The rest is in the instructions.

If you find something wrong, let me know.
So, to get the catch car to lower you need to have "maintenance enable" on and then you need to press the right key, right? Because I'm doing that and the catch car isn't moving, am I supposed to do something else too?!

EDIT: Never mind I got it now.
It may just be my browser, but I cannot seem to click on the button to activate the console (pressing the key works).
I only have it set up to turn on using keys. The only buttons that are clickable buttons are the entrance/ exit gates and the Mode 1/2 button.

By the way, incase you didn't figure it out. You have to have the maintenance switch on to be able to switch between modes.
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