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Celticdog said:
I am very disappointed that they have removed the Toffee Slab. They have also changed a lot of the choices of candy. I was very disappointed in the overall selection.

I don't go in there as much as I used to (cause I really don't need to be tempted with all that sugar and chocolate) but it seems like they change the selections throughout the operating season.
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We just tried the donuts, and really liked them.

They were obviously fresh.  Soft on the inside and crunchy outside.   Really enjoyed my smores flavored donut wasn't too sweet.  I am told of the chocolate and strawberry were good, as well.

We will have a full review soon.



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Here's the donut robot maker they use.



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The maple bacon is a dream come true. I kept wondering when they would release that flavor. I guess I will have to try them again soon.

I really enjoyed them. I would put these a peg or two above the cake donuts at Dunkin' Donuts. It is going to take some will-power to not buy these on the way out.
Shout out to the ladies working there today. They made my son his favorite dessert today. He hasn't had since the Germany candy shop closed. We've asked there before last year and were told they couldn't specialize the orders. Went in today and they did it for him it made his day.


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