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Resident Sea Monster
Oct 25, 2009
Raleigh, NC
If, say, a person owned a pair of $300 sunglasses and that person perhaps left them somewhere in the park but doesn't remember where exactly, is there a lost and found number? Obviously this is a long shot as I assume another guest probably found them and kept them, but is there a number or something that I could call just in case they were turned in or found by an employee?
For anyone else who happens to come across this same issue, I called the number after hours and the message said to fill out a lost item claim on the website. Here is that form:

Also, not sure about other browsers/settings/computers but for me using Firefox whenever I filled out the form and uploaded the picture, the little icon of the uploaded picture at the bottom pushed the "Submit" button out of view so that there was no way to submit the form. I had to use IE instead and God help me I hate IE.

Thanks again!
Merboy, I hope you get your sunglasses back!

We just had great luck and service with a Lost & Found item a few weeks ago:

Hopefully your sunglasses will make their way back to you like my husband's cap did! You may be happily surprised.
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