Existing Roller Coaster Loch Ness Monster

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Oct 7, 2011
If Nessie were to leave for some reason, then the station and tunnel/loops land areas could be reuse candidates for a new ride system. Conceivably, the land on either or both sides of Killarney could be in play too, opening up possibilities for a larger layout, more tree removals, and blue gravel theming.

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Is Nessie's career over?!
Oct 31, 2019
Virginia Beach, VA
theres a difference between character and outright pain , which that jump coming out of the cave is definitely the latter. I honestly dont even know why it is there. The only reason i can imagine is the lift hills couldnt handle the trains approaching at too high of a speed so that jump is there to reduce momentum a bit before the train engages the train?
Solution: ride it in the back! The drops are soo much better and really I haven't felt much roughness at all, unlike what you feel at the first turnaround and the ejector hill going into the 2nd lift. Only positive about the front row is the positive (no pun intended) g forces in the loops.
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Nessie is lonely.
Silver Donor
Sep 28, 2013
Virginia Beach
All this talk of the demise of Nessie is horrible. This thread went this way once before someone actually suggested removing her loops and mounting they as some kind of statue... others have proposed having B&M replace it with the same layout.

These are all horrible ideas. She was extremely overbuilt and has been exceptionally well taken care of. There is no reason to think that she will disappear or fall apart.

short of Scott G coming back and pressing his will upon the whole area, I see no reason the park would WANT to shut her down.

Also as @Nicole has said this ride is frankly remarkable.
Oct 22, 2019
I don’t think there’s a real argument for removing Nessie unless costs become prohibitive, and there’s no sense we’re there yet. And it’s not like they’re landlocked in terms of expansion: if they continue trying to grow with major attractions in the next decade, they have enough space that replacing coasters seems neither necessary nor desirable.

I’ve really only been riding Nessie during these events due to a lack of other options—I’ll typically skip it unless I’m at the park with someone who hasn’t ridden it—but between the lower height requirement and the capacity, there’s really no argument against axing it from the lineup.
Jun 14, 2019
I found this under the "incidents" section of Nessie's Wikipedia page:

Weird complaint.png

All I can say is... how can mist from water be caustic? That claim doesn't make scientific sense to me!
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