List of Banned Users with Reasons

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Sep 29, 2009
I think that two weeks is too much of a slap on the wrist vs. "banned for life". Maybe the panel should deliberate on time intervals.


Jul 22, 2013
Arlington, VA
Any Panel decision will have to apply to future events, as we need to have this vote today.

Of course, we welcome Panel discussions about any of the rules.
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𝓡oyal 𝓜ango 𝓒réme Frappuccino Survivor
Sep 23, 2009
Newport News, VA
The OP of this thread is severely outdated (it's on my list!) but two new accounts have been banned tonight and added to the first post. For convenience, here's the new entry:

GotsFancyPants & 🅱itty🅱ucker🅱ixty🅱ine; 07/09/2019

Created a second account (🅱itty🅱ucker🅱ixty🅱ine) and used it to violate multiple forum rules.

Typically creating an unapproved alt account is a Class Two offense which would only result in a 20% warning. In this case, however, since this second account was used in such a way as to "Cheat the Rules/Banning System" by avoiding warnings on the user's primary account, this violation became a Class One offense and resulted in a permanent ban for both accounts.

Before it was banned, GotsFancyPants' alt account received two warnings, both under our intolerance rule—one for racism and one for transphobia. All of 🅱itty🅱ucker🅱ixty🅱ine's posts have now been hidden.
As with any user ban, GotsFancyPants has been given an email address to contact if he wishes to appeal this decision.

Edit: I just banned this user’s new account, as well (🅱ig🅱oi). Apparently, he decided to attempt to circumvent the system, rather than working with us to rejoin the community.
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