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Sep 23, 2009
In an attempt to keep things as transparent as possible, we maintain a list of all banned users alongside the reasons for their removal from the community below. Spam bots and their accounts aren't included here as we often ban dozens of those a day.

David; 01/12/2015
Received countless private and public warnings over a long period of time for repeated violations of posted rules—including most recently launching personal attacks and posting personal information

Planeteer; 02/13/2015
After being reinstated under an explicitly stated single strike policy, created multiple user accounts and used at least one for malicious activity; thus earning the ban for two separate reasons

shb5007; 02/21/2015
Broke terms of unbanning by maintaining a duplicate account

Reece/BuschFan/LiamFan; 03/16/2015
Reece, BuschFan, and LiamFan have all been banned as they were all accounts held by Reece. He was previously unbanned under the one strike policy

frgnbshgrnz/Peyton/Jake; 09/03/2015
frgnbshgrnz was banned for spam. Peyton and Jake were alternates created by the same user and are, hence, both liable for the class one offence of using multiple accounts for malicious purposes

GotsFancyPants, 🅱️itty🅱️ucker🅱️ixty🅱️ine, 🅱️ig🅱️oi; 07/09/2019
Created a second account (🅱️itty🅱️ucker🅱️ixty🅱️ine) and used it to violate multiple forum rules.

Typically creating an unapproved alt account is a Class Two offense which would only result in a 20% warning. In this case, however, since this second account was used in such a way as to "Cheat the Rules/Banning System" by avoiding warnings on the user's primary account, this violation became a Class One offense and resulted in a permanent ban for both accounts.

Before it was banned, GotsFancyPants' alt account received two warnings, both under our intolerance rule—one for racism and one for transphobia. All of 🅱️itty🅱️ucker🅱️ixty🅱️ine's posts have now been hidden.

Update: Following that action, GotsFancyPants made another alt, 🅱️ig🅱️oi, which has also been banned.

Mariners Munchies; 01/12/2024
User was censured and subsequently banned following a recommendation made by the ParkFans Advisory Panel. More information can be found here
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I thought I might have missed one. Do you have his username? I think he deleted his account and because of that, he doesn't show up on the banned users list.
So, the dude created multiple accounts both before and after he was banned? Not stalker-ish at all.
A few more accounts have been added as well as a bit at the bottom about repealing a ban.
Nope. Lets be honest, he'd be foolish to come back after his little charade. He has already shown himself the door. Hey, you can give him negative rep here if you wish:
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