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I'm always thrilled to see new theme park plans. Watching these projects develop (and hopefully actually be built) is incredibly interesting.

That said, I can't help but worry about the location. If they're looking to be a stop-off point for Disney and Florida-bound tourists, they're 4+ hours off the normal North East's/Mid-Atlantic's Home -> Orlando route. If they're looking for regional pull (Nashville, Knoxville, Charlotte, Birmingham, Montgomery) a fair number of those markets already have big competitors (Dollywood for Nashville and Knoxville plus Carowinds for Charlotte). As icing on the cake, Atlanta's local population base already has Six Flags over Georgia- one of the most charming Six Flags properties out there.

I can see a new theme park in Atlanta siphoning off some of the deep south's previously Universal-bound tourists (from Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama) as they really don't have much alternative right now, but is that enough to sustain brand new theme park construction? If it is, why not build somewhere between Texas, Missouri, and Georgia? Jackson, Mississippi? Memphis, Tennessee? These are big, completely uncontested markets. If seems like if they wanted to bandwagon on existing amusement park tourism markets, they should be going to Florida or California and if they wanted to carve out their own footing, they should be looking at a nice large, uncontested market area. Atlanta seems like the worst of both worlds...

I hope this moves forward and is ultimately built because if it is, I'll be there in a heartbeat. That said, the speed at which I'd visit wouldn't be solely out of enthusiasm for the park, but more out of worry that we could be looking at Hard Rock Park v2. :-/
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The process by which Lionsgate plans to enter the theme park business is certainly an interesting one.

According to the article, Lionsgate won't be building their own parks by themselves, like Disney and Universal. Instead, they will be licensing their IPs to outside developers, who will then build the park. Essentially, Lionsgate will be doing the same thing with their IPs as DC Comics does with Six Flags. However, unlike the DC IPs in Six Flags parks, the parks to which Lionsgate licenses their IPs will be composed exclusively of Lionsgate-brand themes.

Does that all make sense? Basically, the parks will be Lionsgate-themed parks but not Lionsgate-built parks. Frankly, it's a very interesting method that, according to the article, makes stepping into the theme park industry a slightly less risky endeavor for Lionsgate.

I'm actually very intrigued. I would love to see the development of a new movie-based theme park franchise. It seems Lionsgate has plenty of properties that would lend wonderfully to theme park adaptations. But, then again, so did Paramount.
I'm sorry, this sounds completely horrible. "Twilight: The ride" NEVER needs to happen.

Hunger Games, is only a notch better than "Twilight" as far as turning into a theme park attraction.

Now you see me might make a good show, but was the movie really that memorable?

No seriously, lets look at some of Lionsgate more popular properties...

Monster's Ball (aka the Halle Berry Porno movie...actually, this might make a great interactive "experience")

Juno (I don't think I need to say more...)

The Hurt Locker (I guess they can have guest diffuse live bombs on Stage... That should be great family entertainment)

The Red Violin (They can sell authentic Red Violins painted in the blood of mothers who died during labor)

Ender's Game (This one could work as some sort of ride)
I envision the whole Hunger Games reality as a laser tag type atmosphere. That was popular some 15-20 years ago. You've got paintball too now. Don't see how this could become a hugely popular item either. Could make a good dark ride possibly. But Twilight?? I've not seen the movies for a reason and would not care if the park had anything based on those. Ender's Game, I agree could be a fun ride / interactive gaming platform.

Now come Halloween, they can go with Saw and all the other gore type movies they made to have a great event.

Maybe it's just me, but that rendering also is just any other theme park, marked with an entrance for Lions Gate. I realize it's a concept, but they just tossed a building like Transformers in there at Universal, a coaster and the Hunger Games logos. Not much there.
Hungergames could be good if it were played out with children taken from the park and played for keeps...

Just brain storming here.
As far as I'm concerned, the Hunger Games already exists in a theme park and that is me trying to eat everything at EPCOT"s Food & Wine Festival, which I will be attending next weekend! :p
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