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Seen the show yesterday and I liked it. By my watch it was about 19min long. They used a lot more props this year. An earlier comment by Zachary in another thread is spot on that this show would fit in perfectly for HOS. As you can see by the pictures there are two big screens flanking either side of the theater. They showed a video of the group to start the show. There are also a bank of seven monitors on either side of the theater. Don't know if all of these will be permanent or not.


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I kinda disagree. I thought their use of the illusion was better last year. The dancing also seemed weaker to me in places this year. I still enjoyed it, but kept hoping for more.
I liked the theme and songs better this year, but I agree with Nicole that the actual dancing was more varied and interesting last year. Not that it was bad, but it just seemed like they had to stretch it out and it got a little thin.
I caught the 3pm show yesterday. Although I'm glad that it was a longer show and they brought in the wolf, I liked last year's show a little better. I thought the choreography was better as well.
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