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Jun 22, 2013
Tampa, FL
Let's Get Loud was "a Miami dance party that heats up the stage with Latin spiced pop hits." It was performed in the afternoons at Marrakesh Theater during the main season, with the exception of Tuesdays when the show was generally not performed.

The show closed for good in late 2013 for the switch over to Christmas from the Heart, which played through the holiday season during the day.

Let's Get Loud was followed by a new daytime main season show at Marrakesh Theater called Soundsational.
RE: Let's Get Loud (2012 - Present)

Despite how many visits I've made the the park this year, I didn't see this show until yesterday. Which is odd, considering it plays 5 days a week (it was 6 over the summer) and several performances a day. Just never seemed to time it right.

Glad I did stop by last night before the park closed. The show features a live four-piece band consisting of a drummer, keyboarder, and two guitarists. They play a majority of the music on their own, with an audio track of brass/horns in some of the songs as back up. Nice to see some live musicians still showing up in the park.

Along with them were a group of 4 female and three male dancers/singers. One female and one male are the featured dancers - although they sing in one or two of the songs as well, their primary role is dancing. The two performers yesterday were both very talented in their dancing. The other performers, while also dancers, are more there for vocals, and I was pleased with all of them as well.

Overall a solid show. Although I can't say I'm an avid fan of the Latin pop genre, they did a great job with it, and they all performed with enthusiasm which elevated the overall feel of the show. The audience around me all seemed to enjoy the show as well.

Would I rate this as a not to miss show? Probably not, as it's more of a nice addition as opposed to a headlining act. But if you're a local who hasn't seen it yet, or you're spending a day or two in the park and can fit it in, it's definitely worth seeing.
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