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Aug 25, 2012
This thread is the "sister" to the one in the BGW forum.

I like the Anaconda! :shocked: I also don't care that much for Volcano! :shocked:
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RE: Let's be honest... KD!

Good idea, Hoopla!

To be honest, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill is one of my favorite rides in the park. I also think it actually benefited by having the Paramount/Hanna Barbera theme evicted.
RE: Let's be honest... KD!

Boo Blasters is my favorite ride in the park.

I like both Grizzly and Hurler, but find Rebel Yell boring.
RE: Let's be honest... KD!

To be honest, Treasure Cave needed to go. It looked cool on the outside and held lots of memories, but it became pretty much pointless after Yogi Bear was taken out. The kiddie train is a cool replacement. :)
RE: Let's be honest... KD!

I'm not all that excited for the 40th anniversary revitalization. :s
RE: Let's be honest... KD!

To be honest the only coaster I was impressed with at KD was I305. All the others were pretty Meh.
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