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Feb 26, 2012
TO be honest....
Questor was better than corkscrew hill...
Pretzel shop has the best food (esp for the money)
Everyone hated Drachon Fire...except me.
Darkastle is lame...
Verbolten's FX house needs to be lit...

Let the flaming begin!!!
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Sep 10, 2012
Though it has never really been a secret that I don't care much for any version of Entwined, I would be shocked if I haven't seen it at least more than twice as much as anybody else on this site (secret employees/performers aside). What a father will do for his child. ;)


Life is short, so eat dessert first.
Jun 8, 2013
I miss the American Jukebox show as it was my favorite. However the Canadian Palladium tent theater I didn't like as it was almost always hot sitting in it.

Peter R.

Loch Ness Monster Lives...45 Years! 1978-2023
Aug 14, 2010
This may or may not be news to some or all of you... but I truly do like Mach Tower, and find it to be a fun ride.
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Feb 9, 2013
I like Mach Tower when it is open.

I think 2000-2008 were the peak years of BGW's glory.

I think people who aren't willing to draw the line, and keep making exceptions for the parks inadequate behavior, aren't true fans.

Just "okay" is not adequate for the park, I expect perfection.

"This Is Oktoberfest!" is the best show in the park.

Banbury Cross is perfect, and doesn't need to change.

People who have stopped fighting for the park, are the ones who are letting it go down the path that it's going.

Entwined v1 and v2 are so much better than v3.(I mean why is there sexual references in a children's show)

Kings Dominion is becoming a better park than BGW very fast.

People who aren't criticizing anything, are the ones who are pushing the park over the edge.

When the park crashes and burns I'm going to tell all of you "I told you so."

If they take out Nessie, I won't be returning.

PK is preaching the truth, weather you guys think so or not.

F&WF was the only reason I didn't cancel my pass this year.

Next year I think my visits to BGW are going to decrease dramatically because I'm so furious.

WCUSA will be getting a lot more visits from me next year.

Illuminights was horrible ever since it debuted with the exception of Giardino Magico, and I'm so happy that it is gone.
Aug 31, 2012
Harrisonburg, VA
My honest statement,

While I love the food in the Festhaus, I can't stand the rows of seats crammed so close together it is near impossible to get in and out of your seats with any relative ease, especially when it is slammed busy. The last time My wife and I were in the Festhaus was Christmas Town's second year and it was a total disaster. Combine the close rows with a portion of the guests being generally rude who make it difficult to navigate the rows by not watching what there doing and leaving all there stuff all over the aisles put us off from going back. We usually hit Trapper's instead and grab a quiet table across from the Grill Pit next to the Funnel Cake Shop. Maybe it has changed since then but haven't chanced it since.


May 22, 2010
Virginia Beach
To be honest... I don't care for Christmas Town all that much.

I find that there's not much there to hold my interest, and I'm not a huge fan of Christmas to begin with. (I like taking my holidays one month at a time thank you very much. None of this "It's October so we need to put up our Christmas collection now.")


Jul 12, 2011
Let's be honest:

Curse of Darkastle is boring and only useful for getting out of the heat, even Mach Tower is more fun
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