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We will have a ton of menu information posted in the next day or two. I just need to pull together my notes. I do think the concept, as they explained it to us, is pretty good.
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I'm glad that they will be blanching them, it seems that most places that serve "fresh cut fries" are always squishy. I'm not crazy about Five Guys's fries and other places that do similar fries. It's hard to get that prefect crispy outside, tender inside without some sort of precooking. Hopefully blanching will do the trick.
Line was way too long when we went by. It came out the door and wrapped around behind the next building toward the France skyride entrance.
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It was good and all, but I'm not really into fries, so I don't know how much I'll be eating here. It will be a hit for sure.
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While BGWFans still works on their comprehensive review, you can go ahead and check out Busch Dominion's Les Frites photo update! The update gives a thorough overview of the restaurant's theming, setup, and the dishes themselves, which should be enough to hold you over until BGWFans drops their review to end all reviews. ;)

Busch Dominion's Les Frites Photo Update
BenWilkerson said:
I had the Italian and Irish Fries and let's just say Les Frites will be the death of me. Will definitely be visiting more this season

It will be the death of me too!!! (Sorry Trappers)
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