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Mar 24, 2010
Does anyone else miss the old LeMans raceway?

I miss the signage, those really cool old turn of the century advertisments. All the cool old stuff hanging around the que building. The way we always tried to guess which color car we'd get and what country. I know it was more sedate than Griffon, but I liked it none the less. It fit in well in France as well. Griffon is awesome as well but I can't help but miss those old cars.
One of the main reasons I hate Griffon: It replaced Le Mans.

Some of my best memories of Busch where on that ride.
Man, you just made me feel bad. I loved that thing. I remember how it felt to get to drive the car "all by myself" for the first time, all thelittle touches that made ech of the different types of car different, and the surrounding areas. Griffon is great and all but the loss of Le Mans is a very large price to pay. Honestly, I would rather not have it, at least not where it is.
Ha what a fun time. reading all about cars while waiting FOREVER in line. then finally getting to the part you can look out and leaning on the window railings. Then getting out there trying to pick which side to take out of the queue to get you to your car faster. Which color/number car you wanted. Slamming the pedal down, then letting off and slamming it down again because you think it makes it go faster. "look ma, no hands!" haha. oh and "accidentally" bumping into your dad/sisters at the end of the trip.
awww dude i miss this ride so much dont get me wrong i love griffon, but this was my family ride, tryin to see who would win and purposly bumping into the other cars, i really wish they would bring back LeMans Raceway :angel:
I wish I could remember riding this. The only thing I remember was standing in the queue line.:dodgy:
The wait in the house was not so bad. It was covered with fans, neat memorabilia of Grand Prix racing, and a documentary film also played inside for many years. It was the wait over the little bridge that was brutal in the high sun of summer! Like a pig roasting on a spit it was.

Still, the line always moved fast and they had two lanes running most days (they had three but never used the third one). And yes, the trees and shade on the ride was a blessing in the summer. A fun family ride with shade.

Interesting side-note and fun fact: The Le Mans was originally designed to start the opposite direction or counter clockwise; with the long stretch to the finish at the end (side-by-side drivers could race so-to-speak) to the finish. Um.. since the loading area was at the end of this raceway; for safety, the park decided to switch directions going the way we all grew up with.
there were three lanes. One track that was solo and another double. towards the end of it life the double track was rarely used.
I think Griffon is a fun coaster (though clearly not as great as it could be, or even close to being the greatest in the park), but every time I see it, it makes me sad. I always reminisce upon childhood rides around the track on Le Mans. What was the coolest thing as a kid? Being able to drive. Busch Gardens had that experience in a uniquely themed way. Plus, I used to love all the different kinds of cars. *Sigh* I wish there was someway to get it back.
Well the LeMans cars was one of the very few rides that the rider had control of; which is why I loved them so much. True, there was a rail that kept you on the track, but you could still steer and be the one in charge of the ride. Die Schwarze Spinne and Tea Cups were about the only other rides with some sort of control, albeit a much lesser extent.

Good times the LeMans.

If BGW does renovate New France, perhaps the LeMans will make a comeback in some way. Of course this is just pure hope talking here.
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