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The Accident apparently was on "Feuerdrache".

Sounds like one train was stopped on the brake run before entering the station when a second train ran into the back of it.

It's surprising this can happen with all the safeguards in place.
Germany usually is very thorough when it comes to inspections and such.
At least no one died in the accident.

Just last week a woman slipped out of another roller coaster in a smaller park in Germany, fell 26 feet and unfortunately was killed.

I don't understand why the recent few years we have seen so many block violations (and not the "brakes were wet" kind of violations. Thankfully they've been low speed around the station but I have to wonder if this is just the quality of the programming or if there are issues with newer PLC controllers/switches themselves. It's confounding to me how a ride can run a program over and over and over for sometimes years and then all of a sudden make a mistake.
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