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Sep 23, 2009
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was the 2nd iteration of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's haunted railroad. It replaced the Transylvania Express Railway in 2001 and was followed by Nightmare Express in 2003.

Anyway, a very, very awesome picture from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow can be found below. Enjoy!



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Such quality! (The attraction and the photo!) :)

Truly amazing. I cannot understand why it's all gone now. I remember this attraction. Granted, I was very young, but I remember being terrified by this attraction. It was spooky, eerie, creepy... perfect. So many fond memories of what Busch Gardens once was... :(
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This was probably my favorite iteration of "The Haunted Train". For one, I wasn't afraid of it, which probably caused it to be my favorite. lol

I remember bits and pieces about it. The train gave proper recorded narration of what was going on, while the story took place along the sides of the train.

One of the things, that when I rode it at night the first few times that confused me, was that they left the ending to the story fairly ambiguous. All you saw at the end, was a line of scarecrows with pumpkin heads, and one of the pumpkin heads was missing.

But if you rode in the daylight, you could see that the pumpkin was smashed on the ground right next to the train. And inside the smashed pumpkin was Ichabod's books. (and if you weren't on the left side of the train, sitting either on the very end or right next to it. You wouldn't have been able to see it at all.)

It was a very fun ride, but I completely understand why they ended up giving it up. The line for it, was absolutely ridiculous. Filled up the old Eagle's Nest, Le Scoot's queue, and went back up towards the shops in New France. (I've once seen that line extend basically to the Le Scoot/Alpengeist bridge. However I couldn't tell you which version of the train that was for.)
Child friendly version. They never said anything which meant every person wanted to ride it. It also had the same name as the Jacks Pumpkin Express. When my family got off we said"30 minutes of waiting will never get back."
(If you're not replying back to part of my post, then completely disregard this. :) )

If you're replying the part of my post about not know which version of the stupidly long line was for, it most certainly not Jack's Pumpkin Express. If the line extends to Alpengeist bridge, You can pretty much bet that it's at least an hour and half. Most likely longer. (I never waited for it when it was that long.)

Not to mention that Jack's Pumpkin Express was the child friendly version of the haunted train. Jack's Nightmare Express, is when the train ride wasn't a Halloween version of Christmas lights on the beach.
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I'm sorry :blush:.The reason why I said that is Because we had entered the line before it opened.Also they never said anything about how it was child friendly so, everybody thought it was the same.I'm sorry for any confusion.
You're fine. :) Waiting for an attraction before it opens can be cause for a 30 minute wait. And it was probably listed on the map that it was child friendly. (However if you're super familiar with the park, chances are you wouldn't read the map. lol )

However, that all being said, I'll never understand how that line got that stupidly long, for any incarnation of the attraction. (It was that long in like the middle of the night. Seriously, if you see the lines that long, why would you get in it??)
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