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Nov 5, 2009
I was looking on Google Maps this morning to see how much room there was for a ride or something in the future between Ireland and England when I caught a glint of bright yellow. There is (and has been for a while) a small area behind Festhaus Park, near the Rhine, that has had some indiscernible man-made objects. With the recently updated image that Google has (which shows Griffon at it's finest) you can see many more details. I can make out several overseas/truck bed crates some dumpsters, but much more notable is that you can see about forty Le Mans cars lined up all pretty.

Like I said, this area has been here, but they also have added some space to the clearing, as there is a pile of tree trunks laying on the edge of the ravine just near it. They could be keeping them for sale, but I haven't heard anything about that. I'll just say that I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up reinstalling them.

[Fixed a few errors. ~Swiftman]
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RE: Le Man's is Still Alive!

Nice find man! Do you realize how much I would pay to get back there and take a look around?

If seeing it on Google Maps is more your style: LINK
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Well be aware that Le mans Cars are being used for Illuminights - so far as I can tell. But man, I can barely stand looking at Google Maps and not seeing that beautiful red track anymore. :( Funny that you can see the footers though.

Oh and there is this mystery storage area where the park keeps old signage and ride parts... you may have stumbled upon the secret location. Perhaps Fur Dozy, you have found the mother load of cool items we all wish we could have!
I wish Busch would be more in touch with their enthusiast community... That is one thing that King's Dominion has right. John Pagel (spelling?) is on In The Loop all of the time. Also, as a prize for whoever raises the most money on KDFansite's Single Riders Team (which is a great idea by the way), John Pagle will take them on a backstage tour of the park (including their "Coaster Graveyard").
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I just checked this out with bing birds eye and you can see the great pumpkin is stored down there along with what I believe is the big demon street black fiberglass "devil" , and there seems to be a few of the Le mans cars still there! Pretty cool!

Exactly how much land does the park own? Is it everything up stream of the man-made lake/pond dam?

If so, that is a lot of potential!!
You can find tons of property facts and information in Gavin's wonderfully well put together thread. It provides excellent pictures, resources, and general information most people don't know, except us enthusiats that is :p
Maybe we should all save our money and buy them up if Busch Gardens ever puts them up for sale. Then we can all drive to the park together in a little parade.
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