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Oct 5, 2009
Anyone heading out to the park for a last hoorah this weekend? We're off again today taking A LOT more people this time!!! So if you see a big group walking around making a lot of noise it might me us.
We went Monday and Wed night. We may go again this Monday. I think tonight is going to be insanely crowded, so we're avoiding it. Have fun! Take lots of pictures.
Word around the park today was attendance was over 10,000. Italy was obviously opened. The feeling of the park, though crowded, was a very happy and relaxed mood. Griffin ran all night, and the weather was mild enough to really enjoy it.
I was there today. I agree with Nora on the condition of the park. BBW is GONE, nothing left. I rode Griffon 20 times (very bad idea). They have the sheep out in Scotland, Nessy is getting a paint job, penguin walk-though was much better, and, while Italy was open, non of the rides where.

[From my iPod Touch]
Yeah it was sad to see all of the track gone and hay on the empty grass areas. I was inside Cafe Lulu when I heard it on someone's radio about the closing. It was insane how that short of a time span the park was already at capacity. Did get to see deck the halls this time, but still didn't see rejoice even though I've heard a lot of people say I probably didn't miss much. It was much warmer this time than the last time we went. All in all it was a very good night again. I also had the opportunity to ask one of the leadership cast members and was told that at this point because of the popularity of this it looks as though they are going to open San Marco and considering Italy as well, but they also said that more than likely they will extend the dates and times of operation. So Nora we may get our wish of a BGW New Years!!!!!
As a second thing I asked about passholder preview and because of the new management there has been no word if that will happen this coming year.
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